With the CoronaVirus wreaking havoc on all aspects of the entertainment world, one segment of society is making the best of it: Gamers. With the recommendations of health and government officials to stay home, gamers are going, OK!

Eneba Many GEOs

In fact, Xbox Live was down yesterday for a time. This was more likely due to large numbers of players using the service at the same. In addition, Valve Corporation reported that Steam hit a record 20 million players logged-in yesterday. It also reported that 6.4 million were playing a game concurrently. That’s a lot of gamers.

The most played Steam game of the day was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game had more than 1 million players at one point. This was despite the game being 8 years old. I guess the gaming community thought was, if you can’t kill the virus, shoot someone else. (Only in a gaming capacity).

Have you been taking advantage of available gaming systems during this time? What have you been playing? Share your gaming suggestions with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

Source: ComicBook

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