If you’ve seen Rocketman then you know Taron Egerton can sing. This is why it’s actually a great thing to hear that Egerton is in negotiations to play Seymour Krelborn in a remake of Little Shop of Horrors. Rick Moranis popularized the role in the 1986 movie adaptation of this iconic off-Broadway musical.

So far, there’s no word who would play Audrey. Little Shop of Horrors was originally a 19860 and was not a musical. Then the 1986 version catapulted it into a play done on off-Broadway and high school drama clubs for years. The movie is about a geeky florist shop worker, Seymour; who discovers that a Venus flytrap in his shop can speak. Due to his adoration for his coworker Audrey, Seymour names the plant Audrey II.

Throughout the movie, the Venus flytrap grows to a huge size, with an appetite to match. Eventually, Seymour begins feeding Audrey II humans, which starts by feeding the plant Audrey’s abusive boyfriend.

Who do you want to see play Audrey?

Source: Full Circle Cinema

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