How is a responsive website defined? At the very least it should be displayed on any browser, device, or operating system correctly, right? For this website should go through a website responsive test. Distinct habits of end-users across a vast range of platforms and browsers should be taken into consideration. To avoid any kind of failures the companies must test websites on different browsers and large numbers of virtual and real devices. But if your budget isn’t enough “a cross-browser testing solution” can help you.

Comparium brand is an automatic visual testing service itself. It shows you the most unnoticeable differences in site’s every version. It allows you to test websites on different screen sizes. Comparison is a part of an electronic team, Inc based in Alexandria, Virginia. We will examine the most important features and customizations of Comparium.

Account and Web App Details

When you log in to Comparium, a simple yet wonderful interface greets you. For any website responsiveness test or any other tests, you have to create an account and log in or you can also sign in from your Google account. Then insert the URL address in the browser box and click on the required combination of browsers and operating systems. There are two types of user accounts, Guest and ProEach of them supports unlimited screen shorts for your review  

A guest user account is free of cost but has some limitations whereas Pro user account is a paid one. Comparium gives facilitates you with online website testing and some other testing that a perfect website demands. 

How will you cross-test your website using Comparium

For website browser test once you enter the search bar in a website, a list of previews of all the selections will be shown to you. Choose any screen resolutions width ranging from 500px to 1920 px (Full HD) for window 7, Linux, macOS. With the feature to test website in internet explorer, Comparium also supports Chrome, Firefox, and other Opera browsers. You can also test the website on safari from Comparium. For detailed comparison select two screens or more and click Compare on the right side. Here you can compare Windows Chrome version 80.0 with windows Firefox 68.8

The comparison side by side opens up by default. With the synchronized scroll option you can test website on multiple browsers by reviewing across the different operating systems.

Comparium comes up with built-in support for parallel-screen creation in the same interface giving an elaborated view of every aspect of the website. Comparium allows you to compare through four modes. . The modes of “overlay” are ‘side by side’, slider, and ‘find differences’. Website resolution testing can be done with these features

To visually display the overlay mode puts two configurations one on top of the other. Whereas from the First Difference mode you get to know about the placements of menu icons and font selections. When there are too many deviations the design code must be changed to resolve the difference.

Other benefits and features of Comparium

The primary benefits of Comparium for web developers are accuracy in visual validation and mobile version support. You can scale the device size to the 500px range. 

The Live testing features all the tests including website design tests in a real environment making it launch-ready. There are many other powerful features in Comparium like bulk website design test internal test, and many other tests. you can always compare the benefits of Comparium with cross browsing testing tools. Comparium scores well because of the automation capacity.

Billing price and details

We have already discussed earlier that Comparium supports free guest mode and pro mode. The pro mode costs $15 per month. The free guest mode however would restrict you to few browsers in Firefox 75 and Chrome 81. Though there are no restrictions on live testing minutes. The app allows you to test websites on different screens as many times as you want but within the limits.

Today you can’t just simply launch a website without catering to the different tastes of the users, screen size, and browsers at the user end level. Comparium is a promising app that brings you every test including website resolution test and many more tests your website needs before launching. This app would never disappoint you in measuring the responsiveness of your website with real-world simulations. With a huge range of exciting features in its pipeline, you will experience a powerful cross-testing tool as a web developer. 

Comparium would undoubtedly clear the road to success for you by presenting a powerful and flawless website to you and ultimately to the end-users. 

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