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After amassing and captivating a legion of fans worldwide for a whopping ten seasons, The Walking Dead universe only continues to grow and expand. From clothing and accessories to novels and board games, there’s plenty of exciting merchandise on the market for fans of this hit zombie TV show to collect and enjoy. So, let’s take a look at the best Walking Dead merchandise now available and just in time for Christmas.

Clothing and accessories

A nice eight-pair collection of officially-licensed low-cut socks could be the perfect gift for The Walking Dead fan in your life. The socks feature a variety of beloved characters from the show, including, Rick, Daryl, Negan, and even the zombies themselves. In a more comical vien, you can also get a hold of a seasonal, long-sleeve Walking Dead cotton t-shirt. This one features Negan and his trusted bat, Lucille, with the caption “season’s beatings”. It’s done in a similar style to ugly Christmas sweaters. The t-shirt is made from 100 percent cotton — a soft, high-quality, and natural material. Cotton is also great for sensitive skin, so that’s an added bonus.

The Walking Dead: Typhoon 

Recently released, The Walking Dead: Typhoon is a new novel from Wesley Chu (previous author of the Lives of Tao and Time Salvager). This gripping new story is an expansion of The Walking Dead mythos and explores how the zombie apocalypse has affected the most populous country in Asia: China. Described as a “white-knuckled and high-stakes thriller”, the novel follows three different, interesting characters: a rural farmer, an urban military veteran, and an American student. As these characters struggle for survival in a collectivist, totalitarian, and now undead society, they find themselves questioning where their true loyalties lie. It’s a must-read book for die-hard fans of the franchise, but the book is also totally accessible to complete newcomers to enjoy.

Risk: The Walking Dead – Survival Edition 

Eneba Many GEOs

The Walking Dead universe has also intertwined with some of the nation’s most favorite board games. In one special edition of Risk, the popular strategy board game, players must battle each other for territories and bonus prizes in the dangerous, zombie-filled setting of The Walking Dead universe. Players don’t just have to worry about fending off attacks from and competing with each other, you also need to brush-up on your zombie-avoidance skills. Self-preservation and escaping the hordes of undead zombies looking to feast upon your flesh is one of the prime goals of this exciting game. Risk: The Walking Dead – Survival Edition is suitable for ages 13+ and allows for 2-5 players.

Despite the recent end of the TV show, The Walking Dead universe shows no sign of slowing down. And with such a fun and diverse range of merchandise, you’ll have no shortage of gift ideas for friends and family this Christmas. Alternatively, if you’re already the biggest Walking Dead fan you know, why not be your own secret santa and treat yourself.

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