Upcoming horror franchise The LaLaurie Mansion has brought together an impressive group of filmmakers for their new project.

The LaLaurie Mansion brings in The conjuring creators Chad and Carey Hayes, along with producers Faster Horse Pictures. They’ve also brought in Saw franchise director Darren Lynn Bousman to helm the project. Bousman has directed four of the Saw films, including the recent Spiral film. Bousman will direct the series of movies that are about the infamous property in New Orleans.

Production is expected to shoot portions of the movie on-site, even though public access has been denied since 1932. we will see the first movie set in present-day and is currently planned for Q4 2021.

What makes the LaLaurie house so infamous is that its resident, Madame Lalaurie; was a New Orleans socialite and serial killer. You can recently see LaLaurie portrayed by Kathy Bates in American Horror Story: Coven.

What do you think of a LaLaurie house movie franchise?

Source: Deadline | Photo Credit: Bumberrah

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