In some cases, bigger isn’t always better. Daredevil may be canceled, but that doesn’t negate any of the epic cinematography we were given in season three. For example, the insanely awesome 11-minute fight between Matt and the prisoners in episode four. Whether the series is canceled or not, no one can deny that this was an incredible accomplishment and should be acknowledged. Preferably, by the Emmy’s.

Unfortunately, series showrunner Erik Oleson describes why the TV Academy would not accept it:

“The TV Academy would only allow a three minute clip, so, unfortunately, [it’s] not eligible to be shown for stunts consideration.”

Can we all collectively agree that is lame? Daredevil should be immortalized somehow for its third season. Regardless if it’s canceled. Regardless if it’s a comic-book show. Hopefully, we can see Daredevil win at something. And even if the Emmy’s refuse to acknowledge it, we the fans will always know how cool that fight sequence was. Good luck imitating it!

Eneba Many GEOs
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