The Last of Us Part 2 has garnered some divisive opinions, especially aimed towards the character Abby. Laura Bailey, who voiced the character, opened up in a recent interview about the backlash she and the game had received:

“I knew that there would be backlash for sure. I knew that I was going to get some hate. I didn’t anticipate the extent. It was the perfect storm. I think the leaks had a lot to do with it. If your first experience with that had been in the game, and then you kept moving forward, you would have had the growth and understanding. But the leaks came out a couple months in advance; you had months of people forming barriers and forming walls before they were able to understand Abby’s side of it, and therefore a lot of people never were able to.”

Bailey admits that Abby was a difficult character to bring to life, which makes her proud of the performance she had done. What did you think about The Last of Us Part II?

Source: ComicBook

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