The Mandalorian Is The Future of Star Wars


The Mandalorian kicks off Disney+ with a bang!

Before I get professional in this review, let me say this. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! That was the perfect way to start The Mandalorian. Once you see the ending and you understand the mythology of Star Wars. Your brain will go on a fritz just thinking about so many possibilities for the future of Star Wars.

What a fantastic episode! From the characters that we got introduced to the cinematography, score, and the atmosphere of episode one. It felt like Star Wars, not just the movies it had that vibe of Clone Wars the animated series, pact full of easter and great surprises all in one episode and make sense from the director of the episode, Dave Filoni himself. The Mandalorian episode one was his director’s debut, and as you all know, for me, he does not disappoint.

We live in an era where we get a Star Wars live-action series and not only that, but Mythosaur is real! That is freaking crazy.  The character of The Mandalorian is a brilliant tactician, and you can tell in the last fight sequence with IG-11, by the way, Taika Waititi voicing IG-11 was very enjoyable. The chemistry between The Mandalorian and the IG unit was terrific, and I will guarantee you we will get even better chemistry with other characters. Man, I am getting excited for Gina Carano. Carl Weathers, as Greed Carga, seems like a character with a hidden agenda, but I can not tell, and that is what so good about his role shrouded in mystery. And many more characters are going to be introduced in this series that will have a significant impact on the series, and I can not wait!

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The Biggest complaint that I have is that the episode should have been a little long. It was a forty-minute episode. Still, there was a bounty given to The Mandalorian from Warner Herzog’s character that was being hyped up saying, that it would be hard to find the said target. Still, The Mandalorian almost finds his goal immediately thanks to a little help from  Kuiil, voiced but Nick Nolte, but we should have seen a short struggle of him trying to find the target. I understand that this is the first episode, and Dave Filoni is trying to make this character a badass, and it works, but we should have had a little bit more scenes.

Overall what a great way to start the series and what an excellent start for Dave Filoni director debut in the live-action atmosphere. Introducing compelling character have an ending that will get anybody hooked on a show is a considerable feat, and I think Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau exceed my expectations and I have a feeling a lot of others will agree with me. I NEED MORE EPISODES NOW!

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