Last April 2020, Apple announced that they are releasing a budget-friendly iPhone. Apple had revealed that the new iPhone SE has a system that’s similar to the iPhone 11 and physically looks like an iPhone 8.

The Latest iPhone Specs


Similar to the iPhone 8, the new iPhone SE is made of a complete glass material. The material was colorized using a seven-layer ink process to add color to the glass. This provides a rich and vivid color to the overall aesthetic of the iPhone. Apple used an aluminum band to hold the entire phone together using a matching color that creates a flawless exterior.

Behind the iPhone SE is a single-lens rear camera, with an LED flash and microphone. On to the left portion of the iPhone SE are the volume buttons and a mute switch. While the right side of the iPhone has the sleep or wake button. At the bottom of the iPhone, you can find the speaker holes and the Lightning port. Apple had continued not to include the headphone jack, so it would be best to include either Lightning or Bluetooth headphones in your purchase.

Color Options

The iPhone SE comes in three different colors, red, white, and space gray. All available colors come in both black and white front panels, which previously colored the older iPhone models.

Dust and Water Resistant

The iPhone SE is given a rating of IP67 in terms of its resistance to water and dust. An IP67 rating means that the iPhone SE can withstand being underwater for as much as half an hour under a meter of water. What’s more, is that can also handle accidental exposures to water such as rain and splashes. However, the iPhone SE still shouldn’t be exposed to water intentionally.

Over time, this feature may not stay the same and Apple does not include water damages in their warranty.

Touch ID

In the latest iPhone designs, they use an entirely all-glass design. But with the iPhone SE, to maintain the model’s price cheap and affordable, Apple opted to maintain a home button as the Touch ID. The home button’s Touch ID is enveloped in a sapphire crystal known for its protective and durable properties. The Touch ID is utilized to fill in passwords through the iCloud Keychain, confirmation of purchases from the App Store, unlocking the iPhone as well as passcode-protected apps.


Just like the 4.7-inch display in the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE also boasts 1334 by 750 resolution and a 360 pixel per inch. What’s more is that the iPhone SE can support true Tone. With the True Tone, the iPhone can adjust to the lighting of the room and accommodate the intensity and color temperature.

Storage Space

The iPhone SE comes in three available storage options: 64. 128, and 256GB.


In order to maintain the iPhone SE at an affordable price, the iPhone SE has a single-lens rear camera. Even with a single lens, the features of the iPhone SE adopted iPhone 11 and 11 Pro features which means it can take better shots as opposed to iPhone 8.

Battery Life

The iPhone SE has the same battery capacity as the iPhone 8 of 1,821 mAh battery capacity. The battery of the iPhone SE can last as much as 13 hours for video playback, a maximum of eight hours for video streaming playback, and a maximum of 40 hours for audio playback.

The overall review of the new iPhone SE is highly positive. Most reviewers commended how the performance of the iPhone SE can be compared to the power of the iPhone 11 at a very reasonable price.


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