Normally, I am not a fan of supernatural thrillers. 2017’s The Keeping Hours is different, though. Directed by Karen Moncrieff, The Keeping Hours stars Lee Pace and Carrie Coon. It is also produced by Jason Blumhouse. The film centers around a couple who ties the knot after being together for eight years. Their five-year-old son dies and the couple is separated, until six years pass and the two end up seeing their deceased son in their house again.

What the Movie is About

The movie starts with the happy couple getting married. The first two things that I noticed right away with this film is how perfect the music selection is. The other is that Pace and Coon have the most amazing energy together. Their connection felt completely palpable. It was such a stark shame to find out the two had separated. The death of their son is never shown, so it is a bit surprising to see everything so happy and the next scene, everything’s changed.

I will also say that this movie successfully made me jump out of my skin when Pace’s Mark first visits the old house. After six years of trying to rent it out, he’s decided to sell. When he’s trying to go through his possessions, he begins to experience some supernatural events. Then, he sees his son. His five-year-old son who died six years ago. Now, suddenly, the son is running around the house, looking to have playtime with his father.

The Movie Provides The Couple the Time to Heal

Rather quickly, Mark and Coon’s Elizabeth adjust to the fact that their dead son is running around the house remarkably well. Even if it is the most unbelievable thing, I believe that both are so desperate to have their son back that they push aside reasoning. During this time, it’s not just about spending time with their son. It’s about repairing their relationship. Getting to the root of what tore them apart and the truth of how their son really died.

Rating: 4/5

The Keeping Hours isn’t like the typical Jason Blumhouse production that you would expect. It’s a very beautiful movie that is sometimes melancholy. It’s about forgiveness, about repairing relationships, and letting go of the past. I cannot commend Pace and Coon enough in their performances. They were convincing as a couple and incredibly convincing as parents. I really recommend this movie; it’s really good. You can find it on Netflix.

The Keeping Hours


Final Score

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