Whatever happens with Spider-Man, we’re at least happy that it seems that Tom Holland is remaining as Peter Parker. The actor answered some social media questions for GQ in a recent video and teased that a TV series may be in the works:


“Well, you might not have to wait that long.”

That was all Holland said on the matter, but it would be interesting. I would say the best place for a Holland-centered Spider-Man show would have been Disney+, but that’s out of the question since the split between Disney and Sony. This also means no more Spidey in the MCU, as it’s presumed that not only will Spider-Man show up in Venom 2, but the next solo Spider-Man film will have no ties to the MCU, despite featuring the same actor.

What do you think about the Sony and Disney split and are you okay with Holland’s future as Spider-Man in Sony’s hands?

Source: CB

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