Video games have been played by all ages for years. From the simple Pong, to the games today that have such great graphics, you think the characters are real. People of all ages, genders, and locations love video games. This is why we decided to make a fun list of the Top 10 Video Games. Considering this list was comprised by Brittany and I, there is no Halo or Call of Duty on the list. That isn’t to say that girls do not enjoy these video games, but we decided to take more of a nostalgic approach to our Top 10.

On the list, you find games like the Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. Both Brittany and I, despite our four year age difference; grew up on the Nintendo 64. This means we grew up loving Kirby, Donkey Kong, and every Mario Bros. video game variation imaginable. There are even games where you can actually experience Sports Car driving online. Let’s think about how video games would not be as popular as they are today without the N64. And how it paved the way for other giants such as the Xbox and Playstation to come out. Of course, I loved my PS2. Even at the age of 29, I still have it lovingly placed in my living room and from time to time, I dust off my games to play it. Have you ever played Lego Star Wars? Or even any of the Dragonball Z games? Some of my favorite.

Brittany had some real contenders as well, with her placing Ocarina of Time on the list. I’m sure many of you spent hours on that game.

Eneba Many GEOs

I won’t spoil what the number one is, but I have to mention the video game that pretty much ate up all of my time in high school. It even took over my early twenties. SSX Tricky. This snowboarding franchise has not had anything come out since 2012, but for those in the community, you know how much SSX Tricky meant to us. SSX was an amazing franchise in general, but Tricky still remains the best in the series. With its extreme attention to detail and personalization, there was so much to love about this game. If they ever decided to come out with a PS4 adaptable version of the game, I’ll be the first in line.

Give a listen to the Top 10 and let us know what your favorite video game is!

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