Without communication, winning in video games like CS:GO is unlikely. That is why voice chat is an essential part of online gaming. And the better the system, the more you can enjoy the action.
While most titles come with their own integrated chatting system, third-party apps may be a better option. Exclusively developed for communication, they strive to provide the best user experience possible. So here are the three most popular voice chat software on the market today.

1. Discord

Available for all PC and mobile devices, Discord is a free and efficient app for chatting, whether through voice, video or text. You can invest in extra features like improved screen sharing and server customization, but it is not essential.

All you do is create a server and invite your friends into a voice channel. Once everyone settles in you can launch a game and the software will work seamlessly in the background. It also comes with a handy in-game overplay.

One noted downside is that they are not dedicated servers. This means that, depending on Discord’s user activity, your communication can lag while gaming.

2. Element

This open-source app works in a similar way to Discord but in a more modern and user-friendly package. You do have access to five memberships, going from the basic-but-useful perks of a free account to a platinum’s luxuries.

All in all, Element is videoconferencing software intended for personal and professional use. Gamers and workers alike use it to communicate with their teams over the internet. It even supports file sharing.

Voice chat performance and cross-platform compatibility are high. Users also appreciate how focused it is on security, important for a chatting platform.

3. Mumble

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The next step up in voice chat apps is Mumble, already very popular among pro gamers. Despite some issues with the setup process, it offers a better overall experience than Discord and Element combined.

One of the app’s main winning features is its low latency audio streaming, which keeps voice communication smooth and lag-free. You can also get positional audio, push-to-talk and other fun tools to boost your gameplay.

The app does come at a price, depending on how many users you want the server to support and for how long. For example, 15 slots for six months is $36, but longer durations get hefty Mumble discounts up to 50%. Something to consider when training for a tournament, for example.

Importance of Online Chatting

The video game industry is a big investor in chatting software, but hardly the only one. Corporate environments like Stagecoach, a transport company, rely on digital communication quite heavily, especially as their members are many and not all in the same place.

A wide range of sectors find online chatting helpful when interacting with customers too, not just colleagues. The ease and anonymity of a free psychic chat on TheCircle, for example, makes their psychic readings that much more comfortable to get into on a computer or phone. Recognizing, like many of the gaming chat apps above, that speaking over chat isn’t always possible, TheCircle also provides a typing option for this service.

This much interest from multiple fields is the reason why quality communication apps exist in the dozens today. The video chat options mentioned above are perfect for intense gaming sessions with your friends but do not underestimate them in terms of everyday use as well.

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