Oftentimes, we look towards those we have deemed to be cultural arbiters and tastemakers when attempting to decide what entertainment to consume. This is pretty much the entire reason for the existence of such celebrated awards as the Oscars, the Grammies, the Emmies, and the Tonies. The same principle holds for the world of gaming.

Within the gaming industry, developers and studios keep a close watch on awards season, to see which games could become the next blockbuster franchises. Meanwhile, consumers of video games are likely to be influenced in their purchasing decisions according to which games hold the most industry gongs. But what are the most important awards in the video game industry? Read on to find out.

1. Game of the Year

Let’s start with the big one. While there are many different cultural and industry bodies offering GotY awards, it is the original gong awarded by The Game Awards that is the gold standard. This award typically goes to the developers of mainstream console video games, with the winners often going onto become the best-selling titles in the world. Recent recipients of an official GotY Award include Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

2. eSports Awards

As the world of competitive eSports gaming continues to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry, a professional awards circuit has sprung up around it. Not content with winning the top prizes at international competitive gaming tournaments such as The International and Dota II, many of the most celebrated leagues and teams are also competing for glory on the global awards circuit.

Without doubt, the most prestigious eSports award right now is the aptly named eSports Awards, which gives out gongs to the best console player, the best kill of the year, and the best streaming personality, among others.

3. Global Gaming Awards

Online casino gaming, which includes real-money games such as slots, poker, and livestream casinos, is probably one of the fastest-growing segments of the entire entertainment industry right now. There are hundreds of online casinos around the world offering innovative gaming experiences to millions of players, so it makes sense that a rich awards circuit has sprung up to honor the industry.

Among these, the Global Gaming Awards are probably the best-regarded in the industry. One recent winner of the GGA’s top prize in recent years is the online casino Mr Green, which offers hundreds of slot and table games and is a recipient of countless industry awards, which it proudly displays on its website.

4. TIGA Awards

Finally, there is an industry award that seeks to raise the profile of indie games and take the spotlight away from the billion-dollar productions churned out by the likes of EA and ActivisionBlizzard. This is where the TIGA Awards come in. The award is largely centred around UK game developers, but also includes indie games in Europe and beyond. Recent winners of the TIGA Awards include indie hits such as Little Orpheus, Yes, Your Grace, and Lightseekers.


Although video game awards do not tend to be broadcast on prime time TV, they remain hugely influential amongst the gaming public and the industry insiders that matter.

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