What is COBIT 2019?

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What do you know about COBIT?

ISACA developed COBIT (acronym – Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) for IT governance frameworks. It is the objective for many companies and IT professionals all over the world. This framework of IT management, broadly accepted by regulatory bodies, provides organizations with an effective way of developing, organizing or implementing information and governance strategies. COBIT has been in development since its first release in 1996. The latest improvements in COBIT 2019 continually evolve to address new and ever-changing technologies and challenges faced by businesses today and in the future.

Want to know more about COBIT 2019?

COBIT® 2019 is the latest development of the world-renowned COBIT framework of ISACA.


COBIT 2019 addresses organizations’ modern technologies, trends, and security needs. It involves other frameworks like TOGAF, CMMI, and ITIL, making it an ideal framework for process unification across a whole firm. In the latest update to COBIT, new theories and concepts have been introduced, including now 40 goals for developing a governance and management program.

This context aims to ensure that companies are flexible and that to tailor a governance procedure. As in other similar frameworks, COBIT links IT needs and core business objections to address barriers between specific company silos.

According to ISACA, COBIT 2019 was updated to include:


  • Design factors and sub-objectives that give greater transparency in the development of governance
  • Improved global framework compliance
  • Consistent rolling updates
  • This open-source model allows the external governance community’s feedback for faster improvements.
  • Improved tools for measuring CMMI alignment and IT performance
  • Improved decision-making support
  • Better guidelines and a broader toolkit to assist companies in developing a top-notch governance system


The focus area concept, which details a specific governance issue or topic, is also introduced. Enterprises may be depending on their situation, include or remove focus areas. The number of focal regions which you can cover in COBIT 2019 is not limited. These can consist of digital transformation, small and medium enterprises, cybersecurity, and privacy. Digital transformation, SMEs, cybersecurity, and privacy can be part of that.

A significant difference between COBIT and other frameworks focuses on security, data governance, and risk management. In COBIT 2019, this is emphasized with a better definition of what COBIT is and not. For instance, ISACA states that COBIT 2019 is not a framework for business process organization, management of technology, decision making on IT, or the identification of IT strategies or architecture. Instead, it is strictly conceptualized as a framework for corporate IT management and governance throughout the company. It is better clarified for companies in the updated version, so the use and implementation of COBIT will be less confusing.


Key benefits of COBIT 2019

COBIT 2019 is the updated version of the current business requirements replacing version 5. The dynamics of business and IT have progressed dramatically and will continue to change in recent times. COBIT 2019 has been updated to reflect this. It is intended to evolve in conjunction with such changes to support this type of technological progress.

Flexibility, ability to adapt, and customizability are central to enabling organizations, throughout their business, to create an information and governance system. The governance system is tailored and can develop even in the most complex environments with its unique needs.

In the context of new concepts and terminology, COBIT 2019 can help boost business worth, reduce business risk and help meet regulatory conformance, which is now most important in companies for aligning their IT and business.

It also aims to provide senior management with an insight into how technology can align with corporate objectives. The framework offers CIOs and other IT managers the opportunity to demonstrate ROI for an IT project and how it will help achieve key corporate goals. As per ISACA, the company’s pain points can be mapped directly to certain aspects of the framework and overwhelmed the need for “control-driven IT.”


  • Design factors: The COBIT 2019 introduces eleven design factors. The design factors affect your organization’s kind of governance system and increase its capacity. The new design factors in COBIT 2019 may also influence or require specific versions of one or more components.


  • Effective governance: To be successful for the business, efficient governance of information and technology is vital. COBIT’s ongoing role as an essential driver for innovation and business transformation is further strengthened.


  • More implementation resources: Besides the upgraded framework, COBIT now offers additional resources for implementation, practice guidelines, insight, and extensive training programs. Execution is more flexible and allows you to use COBIT to implement your governance solution correctly. Training opportunities help you get the maximum profit from your solution.


  • Easy integration: COBIT 2019 is designed especially for the well-being of people. Guidance is provided to help integrate your business’ unique industry standards, guidelines, regulations, and procedures into your COBIT governance solution.


  • It is well-suited to current times: Every IT-based business requires a comprehensive management strategy and system that allows IT to deliver its expected results. First, COBIT has been updated to address industry changes and IT needs as an information governance tool for the audit sector.


Why COBIT certification?

The two distinct elements of IT are governance and management. It forms the backbone of almost all successful organizations globally, and COBIT 2019 is specially designed for optimization. Moreover, its emphasis on individual factors allows COBIT 2019 to be adopted by a variety of enterprises. Irrespective of its size, business, area, or anything else, almost every organization worldwide can take advantage of IT optimization. If you already have COBIT 5 certification or receiving your certificate, ISACA will continue to support the accreditation and delivery of cobit 2019 training.



COBIT 2019 contributes to identifying appropriate standards, frameworks, and compliance requirements, bringing benefits to every organization. Strategic objectives allow organizations to implement a COBIT framework to provide data security and bridge gaps within business and IT goals, and contribute to improving their value on the market.


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