You may not know anything about the gaming industry and not even play computer games yourself and still know about the GTA series. These are some of the most popular, long-lived, unique games of all time. The first GTA game dates back to 1997, when the gaming industry was getting to a new level of entertainment. However, it wasn’t until 2004 that GTA gained global recognition. To this day, the GTA series continues to surprise fans with new plots, gaming experiences, and strong updates. Overall, the 20+ years on the market earned GTA the place among the most legendary cultural phenomena of the 21st century. The overall quality and nature of the games, though, put GTA among the best game series ever. Here are some of the reasons why it’s true.


The plot in computer games matters. It matters a lot, regardless of whatever views people may share about it. GTA is vivid proof of that fact. Storytelling in the GTA series was always one of the strongest features. That’s one of the things that made these games so special. You just couldn’t wait to move on with it. Usually, the stories were so captivating and intriguing that you simply needed to learn more about them. That alone drives you to keep on playing till the end.

Overall, each game has a unique and exciting story to tell us. Surely, not all of them are equally good. For example, Grand Theft Auto IV is famous for having the best storyline in the entire series. Yet, it doesn’t mean that playing GTA V or any other game of the series won’t be exciting. GTA V, for example, gives us three plot lines to explore. Hence, there are three more ways to entertain us and meet the gamers’ needs.


GTA characters deserve a special place on our list. The game series won’t be as complete and wholesome without the characters that we got to know throughout the series. They turned into the actual celebrities of the series. They were real to you. No more two-dimensional villains or friends that are more like caricatures of real people. Some of those GTA characters could deserve a special spin-off to show their own history.

And, yes, you don’t believe that they have a life and personal story aside from your own storyline. It also teaches that the world doesn’t turn only around you. Moreover, GTA never forgets about secondary characters as well. Some of them, like Brucie Kibbutz or Auntie Poulet, can actually make a long-lasting impression.


Some may argue that GTA is already too old to be popular. Well, obviously millions of people disagree. However, such loyalty is not based solely on nostalgia, of course. GTA does everything possible to keep up with the gaming scene of today. This is why GTA is very big on updates. The game creators don’t like punishing the loyal fans with bad gaming experiences, starters, or crushing. They honestly say, “I do my homework online and research all the ways our bugs can spoil your experience.” For the most part, updates come just in time to spark players’ fading attention once again.

First of a kind

One of the main reasons GTA deserved their title of the best gaming series is because they were the first. This series was the first to present such a game style. Surely, by the time of the first release, there were already attempts to introduce an open-world game genre. However, there was nothing like what GTA did. This series gave its players almost unlimited possibilities when it came to the gaming experience. Players could spend days only exploring what they can do inside the game beyond the main plot. And should we even say that gamers could do a lot there?

Indeed, this take on an open-world game was one of a kind. It always feels like you are actually present in the real-life world. The game paid close attention to detail, making no cheap cuts or lazy solutions. Everything inside the game should have felt complete, real, authentic, and, of course, fun. That is what makes these worlds so recognizable. Once you open the game, you feel like you are already familiar with everything inside it. Yet, you know that you are for a treat, exploring all those city corners and seeking easter eggs.

Final thoughts

GTA has already earned a well-deserved status of the old-times classics when it comes to the open-world gaming experience. This series gave the players a completely new idea of what gaming can be. Its open-world, diversity of gaming options, and decisions a player can make turned GTA into one of the most exciting, fun, and thrilling game series ever made. To this day, this game has a huge, loyal fan base that can’t help but return to the GTA world one more time. Such dedication after so many years is already proof of its series advantage over the rest of similar games.

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