Why Jon Hamm is The Perfect Bruce Wayne

Alright, everyone, first let’s start off by saying this; there are no official statements that Ben Affleck will not be reprising his role of Batman. There is no need for outrage, this is not a fake rumor article; just fun fan casting! Let’s move on shall we? If Batffleck did come to an end, who would we want to take up the mantle? Who would be a perfect Batman or at the very least, a great Bruce Wayne?

Let me present you with Jon Hamm. The star of the popular show Mad Men and the 2017 movie Baby Driver, Hamm is the epitome of smooth. What do we know about Bruce Wayne and the persona he puts on for others? That he’s a playboy. A rich one-percenter, to put people off of his trail and stop anyone from becoming suspicious about what he does at night.

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At the age of forty-seven, Hamm would be a great choice for a middle-aged Bruce Wayne who is well respected among his community, but also has been the Caped Crusader for a while. While Hamm can embody the good looks and suave demeanor Wayne is known for, Hamm also has the capability to be imposing and play a morally gray character that is necessary for Batman when he is interrogating villains. Batman may have a no killing policy, but beating up guys, throwing them off buildings, and breaking bones isn’t exactly “by the books”.

So, while we are still with Ben Affleck in the DCEU, it’s fun to think about who will be next. Like James Bond, no one actor stays Batman forever. Every few years, we get a new Bruce Wayne and eventually, Affleck will be out. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine a DC Universe where Jon Hamm plays Batman; it’d be pretty great casting, wouldn’t it?

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