Why Most Netflix Original Shows Only Last Three Seasons or Less


The Business of Cancellation

One need only ask a Netflix Marvel fan about the frustrations of seeing a show they love getting the axe. The reasons for the cancellations of those particular series of shows is multi-faceted. However, it has also been a common occurrence in their Non -Marvel Original shows as well. The question that begs to be asked is, Why?

Awards set the Standard

Recently, the folks at Showbiz Cheatsheet tackled that very question. Basically it comes down to recognition and expense. As far as recognition goes: shows like Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things have received outside attention in the form of awards. Awards like Primetime Emmys, Screen Actors Guild, and Golden Globe Awards all tend to draw in new subscribers to see what the fuss is about. Those shows are renewed. However, if a show is NOT achieving that kind of success but is popular with current subscribers, they are more likely to make a move.

Money Talks

The reasons for this is, among others, an economic decision. Netflix show contracts are usually structured to provide incremental pay bumps after each season. The more seasons they produce, that costs gets progressively bigger. With that in mind, if the show in question is not bringing in new customers, it is time to pull the ripcord and move on. Their thoughts are that while fans might get upset, the constant influx of new shows will get them over it.

In addition, they are also protected by the way that they structure their contracts. Any series that they cancel are prevented from going anywhere else at least for a couple of years. By then, they are betting that the audience for the show has moved on to other things.

More is Better

So basically they are going the more is better route, unless the show is pulling in critical acclaim in the awards circuit. Then they will be more likely to keep renewing it.

Do you believe that Netlfix is correct by only keeping critically acclaimed shows and not basing their decisions on viewer popularity? In the end, it is their decision but does it serve you, the fans? Share your take on the situation with us at GeekVibesNation.

Source: Cheatsheet.Com