4 Actors Who Would Be Great Jokers

Listen, I know we have Jared Leto as the Joker in the DCEU and Joaquin Phoenix will be debuting as the Clown Prince in the standalone, prequel Joker film, but it’s fun to fan-cast. Since Heath Ledger’s untimely passing, many have speculated who could take up the mantle. Ledger’s performance as a chaotic, anarchist in The Dark Knight raised the bar for the insane villain and it’s been hard to imagine anyone being able to give the same level of dedication as he did. For funsies, let’s go through some potential good choices for Batman’s most well-known archenemy.

Cameron Monaghan

Monaghan already plays Jerome/Jeremiah Valeska on Fox’s Gotham and let’s be honest, he’s pretty much the Joker without being called as such. With an unhinged smile and storylines similar to the Joker’s in the comics (such as getting his face peeled off and stitched back on), Monaghan would be a great movie Joker in a few years. Not only would he have already had practice as the Clown Prince, but I’m sure his involvement would bring in a lot of fans to the theaters to finally see this perfect casting.

Willem Dafoe

Dafoe has already masterfully played the Green Goblin in 2002’s Spider-Man, but fan-casting for Dafoe to don the red smile has been on a fan’s wishlist for years. Dafoe himself even revealed that he had been considered for Tim Burton’s Batman to Jack Nicholson. Although 63, Dafoe would still make a great, seasoned Joker for an older Batman like Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne or if the studios ever did decide to go with a Batman Beyond film.

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Gustaf Skarsgard 

This is a matter of personal opinion for me. The Skarsgard brother is well-known for his part as Floki on History Channel’s Vikings. As an eccentric boat-builder, Gustaf has what it takes to really get into the Joker character and deliver that twisted, unnerving smile that we know so well. Gustaf is also equal parts unknown, as a lot of his projects are in Sweden; but also well-known due to Vikings and his famous last name. He’d be perfect to rise up in a multi-film deal as the Joker. Plus, he’s already used to heavy eyeliner!

Tom Hiddleston

Role with me here. Hiddleston’s reign as Loki in the MCU is unfortunately over and I am mourning just as much as everyone else. Considering how well he has delivered the charismatic, theatrical God of Mischief to our big screens, Hiddleston could absolutely nail this. He even has a smile worthy of the Joker. While I feel it’s unlikely that this would ever happen, it would be a good idea for the studios to give a role like this to Hiddleston and keep us fans fed with Tom remaining within the comic book world.

There have been mixed reviews surrounding Jared Leto’s Joker and we’ve yet to see Joaquin Phoenix in action, but for right now we have two Jokers. Maybe we could have a third? Who do you feel would make a great Joker across from Batman?

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