5 Best YouTube Channels for CS:GO Demos

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive demos are among the most popular gaming videos online. Demos are essential gameplay recordings, captured in POV format from a first-person perspective. Many professional tournaments demand that participants record demos when playing. Should an individual player or team fail to submit POV demos, they may forfeit the chance to walk home with a trophy or any accrued prize money.

CS:GO demos are also an invaluable resource for players looking to improve their skill level. Many players find it useful or record their gameplay for later reference. The ever-increasing archive of demos also provides other players with material they can refer to. If you’re eager to hone your skills, you must watch the professionals in action. You can see CSGO matches live here, but you’ll ultimately want to undertake some demo viewing. Below, we pick out five of the best YouTube channels offering CS:GO replays and demo videos.


With more than 1.2 million subscribers, NadeKing is one of the most popular CS:GO content creators active on YouTube. This Estonian YouTuber offers a huge archive of videos that are essential viewing, ranging from random facts and figures about the game itself, to speedrun videos. However, this is a rich resource for CS:GO players looking for gameplay tricks and tips. NadeKing’s CS:GO PRO TRICKS playlist should prove particularly useful for experienced players looking to progress from everyday competition to combat more typical of the big leagues.


3kliksphilip is another prominent CS:GO content creator. At the time of writing, 3kliksphilip has more than a million subscribers on the platform. In addition to first-rate demo and replay videos, you’ll find a huge variety of content relating to game updates. Every time Valve releases a new update, you’re guaranteed to find some coverage of the event on 3kliksphilip’s YouTube channel.


Boasting more than 1.4 million subscribers, TheWarOwl is another hugely popular content creator who’s invested in all things Global Offensive. This YouTube channel should appeal to players of all skill levels. There’s also content covering background and lore, along with casual viewing covering news items related to the game itself. Furthermore, there are useful insights into pro-level competition. The Pro CS:GO Analysis playlist makes for essential viewing for avid followers of tournament fixtures or anyone looking to break into the world of esports.


Although FranzJ’s YouTube videos are lacking the polish of other channels in this list, this content creator is worth subscribing to. Playlists are nicely organized and updated regularly with new videos, with key playlists covering things like game updates, playing guides, and demo videos. There’s also some throwaway meme content, along with bite-sized tech reviews that can help you make your next buying decision when investigating peripherals and hardware options.


You may recognize this YouTuber from the professional esports circuit. A previous standout of Cloud9’s line-up, n0thing is now an active contributor on YouTube. With around half a million subscribers, n0thing’s channel is one of the more popular sources for CS:GO videos on the streaming platform. Expect a focus on demos and replay videos, along with bite-sized guides for new players and in-depth tips for experienced gamers.