5 Good Reasons Why League Of Legends Is So Popular

League of Legends is an online multiplayer video game developed and released by Riot Games in 2009. The game has become increasingly popular, garnering more than 67 million active monthly players as of September 2015. It’s free to play, but it generates revenue from microtransactions that help fund its ongoing development. There are over 120 playable characters or ‘champions’ in the game, referred to as “summoners.” Each one embodies a specific character class with a unique style and abilities.

League of Legends

Like most games, playing League of Legends requires skill, but it doesn’t necessarily need the talent to quickly press buttons while moving at high speed (like an up-to-date FPS game). Instead, players must learn to think strategically and not lose their cool when opposing team members get under their skin. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 good reasons why League of Legends is so popular.

1.  Deep, Balanced Gameplay

League of Legends is a strategic game involving real-time strategy (RTS) and RPG elements. Players are given a team of champions and must use their abilities to destroy the opposing team’s base while defending their base from being destroyed. At the same time, they must work together with their own “minions” (the computer-controlled characters that dole out damage on one team or another) to help capture specific points on the map. This can’t be done alone; successful teams generally have 5 or more players working together so they can capitalize on an enemy’s mistake and take full advantage of the map features to outmaneuver them. It’s a genuinely team-based game, not just a bunch of players duking it out with their champions.

League of Legends

In a typical League of Legends match, two teams of 5 players battle it out on three separate maps (called “Summoner’s Rift,” “Twisted Tree Line,” and “Howling Abyss”). A team wins when they either destroy the enemy base or are ahead by 2 inhibitors at the end of the game. Each player is given a different champion to play with. And each winner is assigned a unique role on the team. For example, one champion may be good at destroying turrets while another might excel at killing minions (they charge toward enemy units). The champions each have a certain number of skills, and the more they are played, the better players become at timing and coordinating those skills. However, a match is never truly over until it’s over; there’s always that one person who manages to turn defeat into victory in the end.

Jungling is the most dynamic role in League of Legends. But her activities alone cannot shape the game. The player’s actions also influence the game, so choosing a Vi jungle routes cannot be done in the blue, and it varies depending on the situation in the game. In a team-based approach, the jungler’s role is to secure objectives on the map, such as Drakes, Rift Herald, Rift Scuttler, Baron Nashor, and others. However, strategic Jungling with appropriate jungle paths for farming and ganks often proves the key to victory.

2.No ‘Pay to Win’ Model

Many popular multiplayer games have a ‘pay to win’ model in which paying players have the edge over non-paying players due to having better gear, more levels, or more skills. None of this exists in League of Legends. Riot Games has stated that they will never affect cosmetic items that make it easier for paying players to beat non-paying players in gameplay situations. Riot has also said they will never implement a pay-to-win system for champions or other gameplay elements. They feel this would be a disservice to customers as microtransactions are sufficient to fund the game’s ongoing development.

3.Competitive but Fun

League of Legends

League of Legends is popular enough that it’s even been used as an eSport where players compete with their very best champions, build their teams to create the best strategy, and even manage teams at a professional level. Not only that, but it’s also entertaining to watch other people playing the game as a spectator sport. The drama when two good teams face off against each other, the strategies they use, and the unusual play-styles that some players come up with make for exciting matches. Many players will tune in to live streams of tournaments and other partners to see what all the fuss is about. It’s a challenging game with very talented players, but it’s still fun to watch for anyone who enjoys video games in general.

4.Simple Mechanics – The ‘Lite’ Version

League of Legends is a free-to-play game; anyone can download it for free. This makes the game accessible to everyone, and it doesn’t require expensive equipment to play. There are also no mandatory microtransactions. Players can purchase things such as new champions, but there are many ways to obtain these items without spending a dollar on them. A sizable portion of League players are not paying but still enjoying the game through community participation and gaining experience points that help unlock rewards. There are also no ‘pay-only’ features like DLC or season passes that only loyal customers get.

League of Legends

5.Download It and Try It Before You Buy It

Most games are sold as a digital download directly from the company’s website. This is not the case for League of Legends. Instead, the game can be found on most PC and Mac computers and mobile devices like Android and iOS. The game’s developer has made their website easy to navigate using both browsers and mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows 7 & 8) so anyone can find it easily without any internet connection at all. The game even supports offline play if you’re not connected to a server at the time.

League of Legends has a handy “remembered password” feature for long-time players. You can create a unique link to your account that will allow you to take all of your characters, levels, and champions with you to play the game on another device. This way, if you play the game on your computer and want to take it with you when you go outdoors or away from Wi-Fi, you can log in using the same account on any other device and continue playing as though it were still connected to the internet.

League of Legends is more accessible than other popular games since it’s not available for those with deep pockets. It’s more affordable, more social, and works on various devices. All you need to play is a computer with the internet (of course) and an account!


If you’re thinking about trying League of Legends, I encourage you to try it out. It’s free to download, free to play, and fun for everyone! In addition to how it plays, League of Legends is also popular due to its highly-balanced gameplay. All champions are given equal starting stats with no attributes that affect battle save their skills. Winners are also given similar movement speed and the same range of vision. This means that a champion has no inherent advantage based solely on their attributes and stats. The game becomes about who can play their winner well and work together to win the match.