Godiva chocolates, bouquets of red roses, and Gamora’s aversion to Peter’s “pelvic sorcery?” Smells like romance is in the air – and you know what that means. Valentine’s Day has arrived. 

Are you planning on binge-watching Netflix and toasting to the single life?
Are you “that couple” who gives everyone a front row ticket to some sloppy PDA?
Or, do you literally despise flying cherubs, overly priced pre-set menus, and everything Valentine’s Day?

Whatever type of person you may be, there’s one thing this holiday can gift us all: MCU romance. 

While Marvel won’t ever give Lifetime a run for its money, if you look real close…just between the ass-kicking and intergalactic warlords, you’ll find some pretty heartwarming moments. So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some of Marvel’s best on-screen romances.   

Ant-Man: Scott Lang & Hope van Dyne

Ant Man Paul Rudd

Of all the movies in the MCU, Scott and Hope’s relationship is the closest to Hollywood’s definition of an archetypal romance. Girl meets boy…girl finds boy intolerable…there’s a slew of banter…and voilà, the sparks of passion are ignited. Following this formula, Hope eventually comes to realize that Scott’s tough-guy persona isn’t an accurate representation of what rests beneath his exterior. 

Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly’s natural on-screen chemistry, plus the clever quips, make this pair totally loveable. One of the things I admire most about Hope is the depth and intelligence of her character. Scott put a sour taste in her mouth because he was filling a role that she justifiably was much more qualified to take on. 

And I gotta say, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing a female MCU character who not only knows her worth but can get down and dirty (helmet hair is not a problem for this leading lady).Peggy Carter would be proud. And what’s more, Scott is comfortable enough in his masculinity to praise Hope’s badass moves and admit his respect for her. Seriously, everyone should slap a poster of these two above their beds for inspiration. Oh, and to have sweet dreams of the only cute ants I’ve seen since A Bug’s Life

Guardians of the Galaxy: Peter Quill & Gamora

Peter Quill & Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy

I am Groot. 

After Peter’s many attempts to win over Gamora, we finally get some action in Infinity War. I’m talking sexual-tension-relieving smooching (long overdue) and even some “I love yous.” So what if the latter is spurred on by Gamora’s plea for Peter to kill her? Stakes are high; she doesn’t want to fall into Thanos’ incredibly large, purple hands. After all, when are romantic moments ever perfect?

And let’s not forget: Peter was willing to pull the trigger, acquiescing to Gamora’s needs. Sure, we were treated to bubbles instead of something more lethal, but Peter’s courage and love for her at that moment were truly moving. 

Unfortunately, things have gone south for these two. And by south, I mean achingly tragic (and, admittedly, I’m in denial). Gamora died in Infinity War and because she was sacrificed before the big “snap,” she remained dead in Endgame. I’m rooting for some Dr. Strange magic or an alternate universe to pop into existence like the rest of the population did in Endgame

Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot & Rocket

Groot & Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy

Keeping with our Guardians, a bromance blossomed right before our eyes and it was EVERYTHING. The anthropomorphic raccoon and our once giant, now teenager, tree have enough chemistry to melt my heart all year long. Arguably one of MCU’s best relationships, we are treated to everything from genuine affection to rounds of bickering that leave my abs sore from all the laughter. Seriously, if you didn’t shed a tear while watching the end of Marvel’s first Guardians of the Galaxy, then you can’t sit with us.   

Captain America: The First Avenger: Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter

Peggy & Steve Captain America

Here is yet another applaud-worthy on-screen romance with an ambitious female character. Steve Rogers, who? Kidding. The heat between Peggy and Steve was palpable from the very beginning – largely because Peggy is a well-developed, accomplished woman (something we don’t see very often from female characters in the MCU). 

Peggy treasured and cared for pre-Project: Rebirth Steve just as much as she did for post-serum supersoldier Steve. Even after separating, she never failed to keep his legacy alive. On the flip side, when Steve awoke in the 21st century, he tracked down Peggy and visited her nursing home even though she was aged and frail. That, my friends, is called love. 

In Endgame’s final moments, which I often avoid thinking about, Steve elects to go back in time and live out the remainder of his life with his one true love. Seeing them dance together is literally one of the most beautiful, yet heart-wrenching scenes (you know, for my own selfish reasons). Let’s just enjoy this love story and avoid discussing the implications or illogical nature of Steve’s journey through time.  

Iron Man: Tony Stark & Pepper Potts

Tony Stark Pepper Potts Iron Man

Ahhh…where it all began…one playboy billionaire, one assistant, and one banter-filled relationship. Pepper, like Peggy; is another well-realized female character. From the very first film in the series, Pepper was the person who grounded Tony, always keeping him in check. Although Tony is…errr…obnoxious and egotistical (to put it nicely), Pepper keeps our faith alive, reminding us that with some time and an exorbitant amount of patience, Tony has the potential to be a true hero. 

With Endgame, came the bittersweet end to this romance. Pepper and Tony tie the knot and give us one adorably clever daughter, Morgan. Pepper ultimately is the voice for us all, saying goodbye to Tony and leading us to let go of the infamous Mr. Stark (I’m not quite there yet). Be thankful for keyboards or there would be a lot of smudged ink on here from my teardrops.

Welp, there you have it – a little MCU romance to get you through Valentine’s Day.

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