People often worry about having high-resolution monitors, the strongest computer processor, and the best audio. But very few people care about having a high-end mouse and keyboard. The majority consider the mouse an insignificant computer accessory. And they certainly don’t get why anyone would want to spend hundreds of dollars on an optional device.

While a regular mouse and keyboard can do the job, like other computer accessories, the higher-end options will provide an entirely different typing and writing experience altogether. This is especially relevant for gamers,  those who work for an essaywritingservice, and programmers among many others. Keyboard and mouse play a significant role in convenience, comfort and speed.

Before diving into the details, it’s important to reinforce that for individuals who buy high-performance mice and keyboards; the cost is well worth it. To get a clearer picture, one needs to take a look at the following points.


Like any other gadget that costs a tad more than usual, high-end mice and keyboards last longer than their cheaper counterparts. It’s simple. They are manufactured using better materials and by reputable brands. To put this into perspective, high-end mice last for about 20-50 million clicks. On the other hand, the cheaper versions don’t even make it to 5 million clicks.


Considering that the keyboard and mouse are the two essential tools that users need to interact with computers, the experience one has with them is a significant factor that is often ignored. The quality and the ergonomics of these accessories are crucial.

This is especially true for users who type for hours on end, which is the case with most writers. One could quickly develop injuries and disorders from using substandard equipment. For instance, conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis are common among people who do a lot of typing with bad equipment.

Fortunately, now, there are keyboards and mice designed with writers and typists in mind. Higher-end hardware significantly reduces the chances of developing those conditions. These devices are not only ergonomic but functional as well.

For instance, some are better suited for lefties, while others are necessary for people with unusual hand sizes and such.

A carefully manufactured mouse will deliver a more natural grip. That means it won’t be too heavy or too light, and you won’t have to apply unnecessary force when using it. However, to get such a final product, brands have to put a lot more resources into the manufacturing process. And this explains the noticeable steep price of the end product. One should understand, though, that this initial investment is worth it.  

Precision Optics and Sensitivity

Unlike a regular mouse, high-end ones, like those made for gamers, aim for precision and accuracy. They are supported with customized Dots per inch, otherwise more commonly known as DPI. DPI is the measurement of sensitivity. In terms of movement, a 400 DPI equate to about an inch of mouse movement.

It, therefore, implies that the higher the DPI, the higher a mouse’s sensitivity and pointer speed. A mouse with higher DPI will promptly react to small movements and take you to exactly where you want on the screen.

Less Frustration When Writing

Those who have bought cheap keyboards in the past understand well the frustration that comes with how lame those keyboards can be at times. The more pounding they receive, the more they start falling apart and performing even worse. It’s a key here and a button there that won’t respond as fast as you want it to. And then they literally start getting dislodged from the keyboard entirely.

By the time things get to that level, you won’t be able to think creatively and let alone type anything. And worst of all, you’re stuck until you invest in a new one. Why not avoid all that frustration by investing in a device that can be trusted. Mice and keyboards that are well-made won’t start misbehaving halfway through an essay.

The exceptional ones might even outlive some computers out there. Though it might seem like one is putting down too much money buying seemingly insignificant pieces of hardware, at the end of the day, you will save a lot more money and stress in the long run.

Getting good quality equipment is like dodging bullets that are not yet visible. Investing in a high-quality keyboard and mouse is a decision you won’t regret making. Your fingers and computer would probably thank you for such a move if they could.

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