The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most influential and intense leagues around the world. Because of the media coverage that has been a big part of the twenty-first century, the NFL features some of the most consistently watched games across the globe. For many households, it is ritualistic and can generate intense payouts. 

The Super Bowl demonstrates the peak of athleticism and has been widely credited for pairing the best teams against one another. Sheer strength, determination, and teamwork are part of the historic attributes that are regularly seen within any team’s offense. These are five teams that made NFL history for their high quality, impressive offense combination. Check out the Super Bowl odds for the latest predictions. 

Dallas Cowboys – 1992

Firstly, the Dallas Cowboys continue to impress audiences with their capacity for success and group mentality that is largely a result of owner Jerry Jones’ direct involvement and support. However, it was in 1992 that the Cowboys had one of the tightest offense combinations in the history of the NFL. 


Troy Aikman, Emmett Smith, and Michael Irving, who were also known as “the triplets” worked together seamlessly, and it certainly did look like they had a special connection that no one else understood. They seemed to know each other well enough to anticipate their next move and get into the position to enable this. 

New England Patriots – 2007

Next on the list is another impressive standard of offense that the NFL has ever seen. The Patriots were led by the superstar quarterback Tom Brady, and the offense was supported by Laurence Maroney and Randy Moss. Brady secured fifty touchdown passes, and the Patriots ended the 2007 season with a new record of 589 points. They set the record during their Super Bowl appearance that remained in place until the 2013 season. 

Brady had already begun to create a reputation for himself, and was known as a superstar quarterback who could drive any team that he was playing under to immense success. Being able to defend this reputation proved highly beneficial, because Brady was in high demand from managers and talent scouts throughout the duration of his professional career. 

St. Louis Rams – 1999

While they didn’t enter the records for the most prolific player profiles or total yards covered, it is worth noting the Rams for their efforts and move towards an impenetrable team that made their way to win the Super Bowl XXXIV. 

The Rams didn’t have the best reputation, but 1999 saw huge gains when they defeated the Tennessee Titans and earned the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. The Rams came out with a highly aggressive combination that was a force that the NFL had never seen before. 

Credit: BrokenSphere | Wikimedia Commons


Seeing history being made was highly impressive to audiences and huge crowds. The Rams claimed their title and saw the start of a new era within the NFL. Working hard to defend their reputation was definitely a strong driving force behind the Rams. 

New Orleans Saints – 2011

In 2011, the New Orleans Saints were a big part of the offensive explosion that the NFL saw that year. This is mostly thanks to the efforts of Drew Brees, and Darren Sproles, who continued to raise the bar for future players by setting the records for passing yards, and all-purpose yards. 

Not only that, but the Saints secured 547 points at the end of the 2011 season and set the all-time record for passing yards. Being able to raise the bar is something that NFL players don’t get enough credit for. This is because they are ensuring that the next generation of players are disciplined, motivated, and athletic so that they can reach the standards that are set previously. 

Denver Broncos – 2013

Finally, the Broncos were an intense team overall during the 2013 NFL season, and they scored a total, and new record, of 606 points. Peyton Manning was credited for being the driving force behind the Broncos enthusiasm and strength, and he even defeated Tom Brady after totaling 55 touchdown passes. 

2013 seemed to be the NFL season where Tom Brady was faced with a worthy opponent, and the determination of Manning made for an intense game until the end. While they weren’t the final winners of that year’s Super Bowl, their offense was far more advance than other teams. Manning was selected for MVP status at the end of this season, which was well-earned as he helped shape the Broncos’ reputation as a force to be reckoned with. 


These have been just some of the best offense combinations within the history of the NFL. Of course, there are others who are worth noting who may have entered the records for their own reasons, but these are a selection of some of the most historic offenses. They have their place in the NFL history books, because they have helped shape the league into what it is today, and players have worked hard to ensure that the standard for athleticism, strength, and team communication is kept very high. 

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