Looking for the best gifts for your friends or loved ones? And now’s the time that you’ve finally realized that they are not an ordinary person. They’re geeks. And now you want a suitable gift for them.

Shopping for geeks is actually a lot of fun. You can find dozens of items that may be appealing to them. It can be related to gaming, anime, phones, computers, and many more. You may even get in a bind for what you should offer them as their gift. Also, you might have to change your gift class according to the sort of relationship you partake with the person.

Gifts like an ordinary smartphone or a laptop are common these days. So why not give them something that they may remember for years which is unique in its own way. Technology in this era is so advanced that you may even get shocked after knowing about the various things you can get online.


Here is a list of 6 Geeky but cool gifts for them


1) Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Give your lover a gift through which you can communicate with them and a gift that reminds them of you.

A geek somehow managed to get a boyfriend/girlfriend. Then again, they are geeks. They spend their entire day on their gadgets and ignore any notification that they receive.

A Lovebox spinning heart messenger is a highly technical gadget that may save your relationship from getting eradicated. This box spins every time you receive a message from your lover and displays it on a mini screen inside.


2) DNA portrait

Technology in this era is astonishing. Creating a pencil picture is very common these days, so why not give them a gift that depends on someone else’s uniqueness. This type of portrait process is probably something you haven’t heard of in your daily life. DNA11 creates a beautiful portrait using the sample of your DNA.

You must be wondering how this thing works or if it will hurt or not. It’s painless, nothing more than swabbing the inside of your cheek. The company sends you a kit to find all the accessories you need to create your own masterpiece. Just take a sample of your DNA and what’s left is choosing the style, color, size, frame and create an almost limitless range of possibilities. The workers do all the other work.

Tech like this is something you must try in this era. Your geeky friend will definitely like it.


3) Light up face masks

In a pandemic right now, one thing that everyone in the world has used is a mask. Wearing an ordinary mask is no fun, especially for geeks. They will probably love to wear a mask that stands out differently in the crowds and is a bit funky.

These masks have around seven color options and 11 settings for a constantly changing look. You don’t even have to wash it. Just Wipe it down with antibacterial wipes, and it’s good as new. Cray from the outside but smooth and comfy from the inside, it’s made with a silky-smooth satin lining. A gift this unique is perfect for them.


4) Eyeglasses Holder

You all know how clumsy nerds are, and a nerd who doesn’t wear glasses can’t exist. Well, they say glasses equal intelligence, at least by appearance. They take off their glasses again and again and toss them everywhere in their room. Who knows when the day will come when they sit on their glasses by mistake.

So to prevent them from breaking their glasses, an Eyeglasses holder can be convenient for them. A flashy one may turn out to be even better, according to their linking. There are a lot of eyeglasses holders with animal designs that are wood crafted. They can also use this as a house decoration because of the well-defined details in the wood holder.


5) Clock fan

While playing games or doing some work on their laptop, geeks probably forget to turn on the fan and look at their clock if they are so much into it. These problems are prevalent for geeks but can sometimes be severe.

So to prevent something like this from happening, give them a clock fan that can connect to your device through the USB slot and provide you a gentle refreshing breeze. You can adjust the flexible neck to position the cool breeze anywhere you wish. The delicate fans spin and display a clock that looks like it’s floating mid-air.

This latest LED technology can help them keep track of their time and keep them cool at the same time.


6) Escape room at home

You all must have seen the movie Escape room and then wonder if you could play such a game in real life. With the help of technology these days, you can create your own house into an escape room and play with your friends.

This is a perfect game for geeks as they spend their day on mobile and games and avoid all physical interactions. This game offers various tools through which you can create your room into a fun and exciting game.

You can start the game by hiding clues in your house at random or at hard-to-find places and then wait for the players to crack the clues and get the way out of the room before the 60 minutes is up. This game has exciting riddles which you have to solve to find more clues. It’s a game that requires players from 2-6. The higher the player count, the less time it will take to beat the competition. It’s a perfect gift for geeks who are not socially active.


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