Building a successful IT career is not a piece of cake. It requires discipline and pushes young people to learn continuously. Even so, interesting projects and high earnings keep students interested in this field for decades already.

Information technology is a sector of fabulous opportunities for students who dream of decent incomes and exciting career challenges. Even beginners can earn substantial salaries if they join IT and agree to work hard. Yet, many of them feel lost when it comes to choosing the right direction.

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App Developer

Freelance or not, application developers are in high demand now. With many people surfing the web using their mobile devices, the need for these specialists grows proportionally. To make it easier and more convenient for users to order their products, businesses invest huge money in apps. They are bound to follow the trend to meet their customers’ needs.

Often, they need such apps that a beginner app developer can produce. However, you’ll be the one to maintain and improve the app as well. For this job, you can expect the lowest wage to be around $60k per year. It’s quite decent pay for a student.

Web Developer

Becoming a web developer is another popular choice among students interested in IT. These specialists usually communicate with the management to determine their needs and create web pages for all kinds of businesses. For example, NoCramming, an essay writing reviews website, was created by an entry-level web developer.

The more business grows, the more attention its website needs. Web developers advance their knowledge along with it by integrating other applications and resolving user issues. For that, such specialists are paid roughly $40k annually.

Technical Support Agent

Technical support agents are needed by small and medium businesses that find it too expensive to hire a whole IT department. They usually gladly accept students who can run their systems, set up new equipment, and perform other duties as requested.

Such specialists are usually involved in networking and system maintenance as well. They should be able to quickly repair software and hardware, handle other issues, as well as order required devices and spare parts. The minimum salary of IT support agents usually starts from $50k per year.

Business/Systems Analyst

If you plan to approach IT from an analytical perspective, the role of a business or systems analyst is the best choice. Your main duty will be to assess organizational needs versus existing and emerging technologies. In other words, you’ll be the one who translates business needs into modern technical solutions and supervises their implementation.

Although this position requires a decent knowledge of technologies, beginners can easily land a job at smaller companies. The minimum pay usually exceeds $54k, which is quite good for junior-level professionals.

Database Administrator

With huge amounts of internal and external data businesses collect every day, they find themselves in desperate need of someone to organize it. Based on the difficulty of the task, this duty can be delegated to an entry-level database administrator as well.

Their role will be not only in working with data but also administering smooth functioning of the database, creating backups, and migrating data from one platform to another if needed. The median salary of database administrators can reach up to $90k per year.

Network Administrator

Tech students will be a great choice for small businesses looking for someone to administer their networks and systems. People hired for these duties usually install local networks and communications systems for the office and take measures to ensure their stable performance.

They are also tasked with drafting network security protocols, fixing network bugs, and evaluating various threats. For that, network administrators are paid decent salaries starting from $50k per year.

Systems Engineer

Entry-level systems engineers are employed by both big and small companies. Big corporations train junior systems engineers to meet their internal needs. Small businesses look for systems engineers who can solve their problems. The primary duties of such specialists include modifying computer systems, developing new ones, and customizing them as expected by management and clients.

The minimum wages in this field start from $57k and can reach up to $122k. No formal degree is expected from employees; it’s the expertise and willingness to learn that matter the most.

Final Words

As we can see, students interested in IT have many roles to choose from if they want to launch their careers. All of them promise decent pay and a rewarding experience. However, such jobs are also quite demanding when it comes to expertise, skills, and determination.

If you are thinking of starting your career in IT, this is the best time to do it. Since many companies are choosing to do their business online, tech professionals of all kinds are in high demand. Even if you don’t have enough experience, there is a company willing to hire you to do business together.

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