A superhero universe podcast is in the works! DC is unveiling its plans and the first will be from David Goyer. Batman Unburied will explore Bruce Wayne’s psychological darker side.

Chief creative officer for DC, Jim Lee revealed on a Spotify virtual live-stream event, Stream on that in the works are podcast for Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Lois Lane, and Riddler.

“This is a long-term partnership between Warner Bros., DC, and Spotify,” Lee said. “I think the fanbase is going to respond to this in an exciting way and embrace it as something new and novel.”

Last summer Warner Bros. struck a voluminous podcast deal with Spotify. In the process, they taunted us that our DC superheroes would be a part of several podcasts for the colossal audio service. Supervillains will not be left out, as mentioned Riddler is to have its own Spotlight.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Expected to debut on Spotify later this year will be David Goyer series “Batman Unburied”. HBO Max will have a separate podcast for Batman. Warner has cast star Jeffrey Wright for the comedic series, Batman Audio Adventures. Can’t wait! What do you think about all this?


Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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