eSports fans can rejoice as they are getting their own channel thanks to Aggregated Media. The company, based out of Los Angeles, is launching A8 ESPORTS. A8 ESPORTS will be dedicated to all things eSports and gaming.

In a report from eSports Insider, the company is partnering with Super League Gaming, Game Informer and Preediction, an eSports talk show network.

Photo Credit: Aggregated Media

One can only imagine the possibilities of a dedicated eSports channel. Could we see a swarm of Twitch and YouTube video game streamers make the jump? Sites such as PlayersHive are committed to all things eSports and is great for helping you find eSports players and teams all over the world. Perhaps groups such as that will find a home with A8 ESPORTS.

Check out the full press release for the A8 announcement

Los Angeles, Calif. – May 12, 2021 – Aggregated Media, an esports and video games media company announced today the launch of its esports and video games digital channel available via OTT and linear partners in 13 countries around the world. Aggregated Media partners with content creators, networks and leagues to monetize their content and distribute it globally through A8 Esports as well as through its large roster of content aggregators, networks and media partners.

“We formed this company because we saw a huge gap in content distribution in esports and games,” said Erik Reynolds, President and Founder, Aggregated Media. “By helping these creators, networks and other partners further monetize their content we can bring some additional stability to the esports content creator ecosystem that’s often too weighted in favor of a chosen few big names.”

Aggregated Media is joined by several key content partners for the launch of A8 Esports:

  • Preediction Network – The esports and gaming infotainment network.

  • Super League Gaming – A global leader in competitive video gaming and esports entertainment for everyday players.

  • Game Informer – The premier destination for moment-by-moment video game news, features and reviews.

  • Rumble Gaming – An industry leading talent agency that bridges the gap between brands and the esports and gaming ecosystem.

  • Wisdom Gaming Group – Content creator and broadcaster of esports tournaments

At launch A8 Esports will feature live and classic tournaments, esports talk from community experts and a wide variety of video games enthusiast content for every type of fan.

“The growth of Super League’s content business is fueled by two energizing sources – the talented, passionate producers on our team and the players and creators within our community,” said Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer, Super League Gaming. “We’re grateful to be working with such a diverse collection of partners who believe that our video programming can contribute to the success of their OTT channels.”

“Preediction, the largest esports + gaming infotainment network, chose Aggregated Media as a natural partner fit. Its commitment to our audience and revenue growth on a global scale is a major value add, and we’re thrilled to be a content piece in the A8 Esports Network’s launch,” said Aron Glatzer, Founder, Preediction.


To watch, please look for the A8 Esports channel on the JungoTV+ app on smart TVs, OTT devices and mobile, and will expand as a standalone channel on OTT and linear networks around the world later this Summer.

Outside of its own OTT, Aggregated Media also works with content creators of all sizes across all platforms (YouTube, Twitch, OTT, Podcasts, and more) to help them monetize their content. By aggregating into one network it can secure more consistent advertising support for creators.

About Aggregated Media:

Backed by Nations Ventures, Aggregated Media or A8 for short, is a media company that focuses on esports talk, video games content and esports journalism. A8 partners with world class content creators, networks and tournament organizers to co-produce and monetize content across multiple distribution platforms reaching more than 2 million passionate esports fans, generating more than 50M impressions every month month and will be expanding onto OTT platforms globally with its own digital channel, A8 Esports, set to launch in June. For more information:

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