Actor Spotlight: Joel Kinnaman

While the Skarsgards are probably the most well-known band of brothers to come out of Sweden, another name you should know who hails from this Scandinavian country is Joel Kinnaman. Swedish-American, Kinnaman is known for such roles as Steven Holder in The Killing, Alex Murphy in RoboCop, and Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad. But, Kinnaman also has such projects as House of Cards and under his belt is a very good career in Sweden, which he left to focus on becoming a star in America.

Kinnaman acted in films when he was young, studied in Texas, and even decided to become an actor even after he passed all of his military tests. In Sweden, he’s best known for the movie series Johan Falk, where he plays a family man undercover in the world of illegal drugs to aid to the police, though; he himself is not law enforcement. His role in Easy Money, where he plays J.W., a man who once had it all, became so popular that disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein acquired the rights to distribute the film in America. Warner Brothers actually has the rights to make an American version.

Kinnaman really found a name for him in American TV, in The Killing. As a new homicide police officer with a former drug addiction, Kinnaman’s character was equal parts hilarious, tragic, and intense. From there, he’s been in such movies like RoboCop, Child 44 with Tom Hardy, Run All Night with Ed Harris, and Suicide Squad. Though Hardy was meant to have the role of Rick Flagg, I enjoyed Kinnaman in the part and look forward to him reprising it, though; Suicide Squad 2 was delayed again.

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Another pivotal moment for Kinnaman came early this year with Altered Carbon. Playing the character Takeshi Kovacs in this futuristic dysphoria, which was based off a book; Kinnaman was praised for his role in the show. It showed he had the stuff it took to be a leading man, with some killer moves to boot. We’ll be able to see more of Kinnaman’s fighting skills in the upcoming Prime show Hannah, which includes his co-star from The Killing.

Speaking about his physique, Kinnaman’s has changed during the past few years. Although attractive always, you can see how much scrawnier he was from ten years ago to now, where he has really beefed up recently. The reason for this is that Kinnaman suffers from pectus excavatum, a “condition where the chest and the sternum grow abnormally, until a section of the chest is actually concave.” Three years ago, the actor had two metal bars put into his chest, to help expand it and allow him to breath better, since before his chest was pressing into his lungs. Being able not to exert himself, Kinnaman is able to work out more.

Kinnaman is a self-described feminist, supporter of the LGBT, and friends with the Skarsgards. Although Kinnaman had been acting for years and a well-known actor in Sweden, he’s yet to become a household name in America. His part in the remake of RoboCop wasn’t well received by fans and not everyone enjoyed Suicide Squad, even though I did. But, his involvement in such hit shows such as The Killing, House of Cards, and Altered Carbon have made him a familiar face. His last movie was Edge of Winter in 2016, with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, and hisnext will bei n 2019, which is Three Seconds. With Hannah on its way and Kinnaman landing a new show on Apple, hopefully, people will begin recognizing this talented actor.

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