Altered Carbon aired on Netflix in 2017. Based on the novel by Richard Morgan, it starred Joel Kinnaman in this futuristic dystopia where death is a thing of the past. While Kinnaman played main character Takeshi Kovacs, Anthony Mackie picked up the mantle in season two. This is because people can change their “sleeves” in this world aka their bodies. In the books, Takeshi is always changing sleeves, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that someone else would take over as the series lead in a new season.

How is it, though; taking over for Kinnaman? Where do we see Takeshi in season two? Mackie explained:

“Well, season one was very different than season two, and, you know, Takeshi was out for revenge. So, he was a very dark, very mean, very stoic character. So, in the beginning of this season, I wanted to bring that same energy in, and allow the season to affect him, and turn him, and make him more emotional, and make him go from, cause you’re not worried about the arc of the second season, you have to think about the arc from the first episode to the end of the second season. So, I was trying to play that arc and I really like what Joel and Will were able to do in the first season, so extracting a little bit of that but putting my funk on it.”

Will Yun Lee also played Kovacs in Altered Carbon season one. In fact, he is the original sleeve for the character. Lee also explains how he had to take notes from Kinnaman in season one:

“Season 1, I had a big idea of how the story unfolded, ’cause I came in to film pretty late in the season and I’d seen a lot of what Joel did, so I had to work backwards in terms of since I was OG and that was the first character of Takeshi Kovacs. I had to kind of match what he did in a lot of things. Season 2, I didn’t know much, I was getting them script by script and we’d learn about it every week and I kind of like working that way in a lot of ways, ’cause I don’t wanna know the ending yet. So I was getting it week by week.”

Have you started watching Altered Carbon season two? What do you think of Mackie’s performance?

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