Amazon Embraces Freebie Trend with Its Latest Gaming Offers

The gaming world appears to be going from strength to strength at the moment, with many brands competing to attract the attention of players all over the world.

One name that has really come to the fore in the area in recent times is Amazon, with reports emerging about fresh developments related to its cloud gaming service Luna.

Free trial

In recent weeks, sites including CNET revealed how the platform can now be sampled for no charge on Fire TV devices.

Anyone in the US with a Fire TV system can simply download the app to access a week-long trial of the service. The move is an interesting one, particularly as access to the service on other devices remains invite-only. CNET added that consumers in the US can also now order a controller for use with Luna.

It is worth noting that Amazon’s Luna free trial is not the only way that the brand is currently offering free gaming experiences. The company also provides access to free games via its Prime Gaming service and PC Invasion reports how five titles are being offered to members for no charge in March. The latest selection includes games such as Blasphemous, Bomber Crew Deluxe and Sky Drift.

Wider trends

It could be argued that such developments reflect wider trends in the gaming world at the moment. Why? Because the idea of offering free access to titles or services seems to have really taken off.

For instance, the free-to-play – or F2P – concept has become massive in mobile gaming and other areas in recent years. As Techopedia explains, the idea involves players getting access to basic elements of a title for no charge. However, developers then aim to generate revenue through in-game transactions or advertising. Elsewhere, in a similar vein to Prime Gaming, a service like Xbox Live Gold also gives members the chance to access free games every month. The official site adds that the platform offers multiplayer gaming and discounts on selected titles in the Microsoft Store as well.

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Freebies are also a major part of other forms of gaming, as online casinos often use them as part of their promotions. This is highlighted by Bonusfinder’s page on the LeoVegas casino bonus. At the time of writing, the site explained how people who register with LeoVegas instantly receive 10 free spins on the Book of Dead slot game. Further spins are also offered as part of the deposit bonus, which applies when players first add funds to their account.

Fascinating future

When all of that is taken into account, it really does seem like freebies and gaming go hand-in-hand at the moment. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that Amazon is offering both a free trial of Luna and free games as it looks to build its offering in the gaming world.

It will be intriguing to see how matters develop in this area, including whether this trend of free trials, titles and more continues in the coming months. With many brands now doing battle in the gaming world, a fascinating future awaits.

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