The character Media has gone through some changes in Starz’s American Gods. In season one, she was played by Gillian Anderson. In season two, she was played by Kahyun Kim and transformed into the upgraded version ‘New Media’. Season three…she’s nowhere to be found. Neil Gaiman, who wrote the book and oversees the show; revealed the reason behind Media’s absence in season three:

“I think we want to bring Media back but we’re trying to figure out what Media is.”

Gaiman continued:

“When I wrote the book, even when we were making season one, it felt like Media was monolithic; that you could go, ‘Ah, over here is the media, and look, it is represented by a Lucille Ball/Lucy Ricardo character, who is also somehow a newsreader, who is also every icon of media’. By season two, everybody was going, ‘We don’t think that’s what Media is right now’. We had a fabulous idea of, ‘OK, well, then, New Media.'”

Gaiman added that he believes that Media could come back for season four:

“Right now, I think that Media feels fragmented, which is one reason why we took a lot of that role, and divided it up amongst these sort of social media entities that you got to watch Ms World interacting with. I think by season four, Media may well have settled down and become something else again, both more powerful and less powerful than it was in season one.”

What did you think about episode one of season three? Are you upset to see Media’s absence and what did you think of New Media in season two?

Episode one review here.

Source: Digital Spy

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