American Gods has officially released a teaser trailer for season three! At the end of the American Gods panel for [virtual] New York Comic Con, fans were given their first look at the upcoming season. The third season will take place primarily in Lakeside.

Let’s watch!

Eneba Many GEOs

I first have to comment on the change of style. Now, with each season having a different showrunner, style is about to change. And I’m not against it. As Neil Gaiman said, season one felt more anthological and now, we’re getting into more of a story-driven season. American Gods is no stranger to ups and downs, but I have to say – I do like what I’m seeing. I actually really love the style. Every show should transform as it goes and it seems it’s doing that.

A few things I want to comment on as well are – what happened to Mad Sweeney’s body? We last saw Laura Moon walking away with the Celtic god’s body, after Shadow “accidentally” killed him. So, why does it seems as if he’s missing his eyes? I also have to comment on Mr. Wednesday’s vagabond attire here – as well as the Buffalo having more of an appearance than we’ve seen previously. We got our first looks at Danny Trejo and Dominique Jackson as the different variations of World. And we see Technical Boy (Quantum Boy?) looking like he’s going through his own torment.

Lastly, the tweet above reveals American Gods season three will premiere early 2021. What is early to them? And can I please get it in 2020? Maybe I’m just impatient. What did you think of the trailer for American Gods season three?

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