Friday, October 9th; will feature a New York Comic Con virtual panel from the American Gods team. We don’t know where season three will go. Or if there will be a season four. As a huge fan of the Starz show [even though I’m still devastated by Orlando Jones’ firing], I would like to see the series continue. At least to make it until the end of the book. A book that was written by Neil Gaiman and released in 2001. It’s been two seasons of American Gods. Some things have stayed the same from the book. Some things have changed. Technical Boy has changed drastically. Characters like Mad Sweeney and Salim have been given much more screen time [thank God] than they had in the book.

Spoilers For Those Who Haven’t Read the Book

One character that I hope does NOT get the book ending that they had is Mr. World. Be forewarned – spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the book and do not want to know what happens in the book [and what could potentially happen in the series] then…turn around!

Just like the live-action series, American Gods is about two opposing factions. The Old Gods, led by Mr. Wednesday; and the New Gods, led by Mr. World. Crispin Glover brings such a wonderful eerieness to Mr. World and honestly, Danny Trejo and Dominique Jackson have big shoes to fill. Glover will still be Mr. World in season three – Trejo and Jackson will just be different variations of the character.

If You Don’t Want to Be Spoiled…Last Chance to Turn Around

In the book, Mr. World is revealed to be Loki. Yes. The Norse God of Mischief. Not played by Tom Hiddleston. You eventually find out that Loki and Mr. Wednesday aka Odin played this entire war to feed their own belief-based desires. Odin is a war god and gains power from war – which is what he is waging between the New Gods and Old Gods. Loki is a mischief god and gains power from the chaos that has ensued throughout the entire story between the factions. Since neither Odin nor Loki are gods worshipped in modern-day [especially in America] they had to come up with a new way to gain that worship.

Sure, They Could Do It

It may seem like a cool twist. And the show could certainly do it. Jonathan Tucker briefly played Low Key Lyesmith in season one. Since the show is bringing in iterations with Trejo and Jackson, it could do this twist. Whether it’s Loki or Mr. World, whatever his real face is, they could achieve it. But, should they?

Mr. World is already such an established character within the American Gods TV show mythos. I love the idea of these two opposing sides. One i.e. the New Gods don’t particularly want to fight – as they already believe themselves more superior to the Old Gods. But, with a war unavoidable, Mr. World is the perfect leader of these new gods. It makes sense. There’s a god of technology – a god of media. Why wouldn’t there be a god of globalization? If not him, then was there ever a Mr. World? Presumably, Telephone Boy was speaking to Mr. World during the 6th episode of season two – has Loki been hiding as Mr. World since then? Or was there really a Mr. World? Is there?

I certainly hope so. When I read the ending of American Gods, the book, I was slightly disappointed. While I understand the idea of this magic trick, I also didn’t like the idea that the book’s purpose was simply to placate the egos of Loki and Odin. Granted, it sounds entirely what the two of them would do. I’m not saying I don’t get it. I do. But, I don’t want it. Mr. World is a fantastic character who should stay as is. Have him as the leader of these New Gods and perhaps explore further the idea that his kind only wanted to remain ruling in the present and did not care about the gods of the past.

What do you think? Have you read the book? If so, do you like the ending?

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