American Gods: Same Show, New Showrunners

We are still sometime away from the second season of American Gods, but luckily we already know the tone of the upcoming episodes of this Starz hit show. The network’s programming president Carmi Zlotnik stated that they had received the first few episodes of the season and that everything “looks fantastic.” It’s great to know that despite original showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green no longer being involved that the show will still have the same feel it did in the previous season.

Jesse Alexander and Neil Gaiman take over as the new showrunners. Alexander has other projects such as Star Trek: Discover and Hannibal under his belt and Gaiman wrote American Gods. So, having these two on board is very vital. Zlotnik, though; promised that the show still has a Bryan Fuller feel, “Jesse has worked with Bryan, and I feel like we’re still in the Bryan Fuller school because Jesse was trained by Bryan and probably holds a lot of his DNA,”

Along with new showrunners, American Gods will get some new faces. Instead of Gillian Anderson playing Media, we will have Kahyun Kim stepping in as New Media. The fantastic thing about this show is the ability to play around and have new faces while not taking anything away from the storyline. Season two will take place a little bit after season one’s finale, where Mr. Wednesday aka Odin had Ostara aka Easter rip life from the crops and drained water from the fields, telling the new gods to spread the message that unless they offer to pray to the old gods, they won’t get their food and water back. We’ll also see Shadow attempting to come to terms with all that’s now revealed to him, along with Sweeney and Laura on their mission to resurrect Laura. The journey will apparently come to head in Cairo, Illinois. Considering the heavy Egyptian mythological influence, I like the detail of where this showdown will be.

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American Gods will return sometime in 2019.

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