I am all for self-discovery. And season three really seems to be leaning into this heavily – which, I love. These are things that weren’t explored or even thought of in the book. And I don’t think us, as fans; ever thought we’d get these moments of self-discovery, but season three is more about these gods figuring out who they are – as opposed to solely being pawns in a war.

Confession: I Feel Bad For Tech Boy

First of all, I LOVED how this episode started. I was not expecting another rendition of Technical Boy, but I’m glad we’re getting it. Bruce Langley really masters playing these different versions of his character. And what we saw in the beginning of episode five was an interesting callback to history that maybe not everyone knows about. And it raises the question of who is Technical Boy really? I have my theories and I’m not sure if it’s going to turn out to be true. But, I’m really enjoying what’s going on with his character and I’m happy the show has gotten away from this previously one-dimensional character.

You Need to Get Yourself a QUEEN

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And of course, we have the great Bilquis learning who she is with the help of the Orishas. I will say that who they are trying to say she really is isn’t exactly clear to me, but I’m understanding the approach. Yetide Badaki is such a phenomenal actress and the fact that they’re also taking her character to a place she never was in the book is a refreshing take. Bilquis shows you that these gods are very much inspired by what humanity thinks of them, but that they are also more than just rumors and folklore.

Laura and Salim Are Back Roadtripping!

Omid Abtahi had previously said in an interview that his favorite scene came from just Salim and Laura talking. And I see what he means now. The moment of Laura and Salim having a real heart-to-heart was raw and needed. To see both talking without witty one-liners or what have you, was really amazing to watch. Laura and Salim talked about faith, they spoke on a real level. And they are both hurt and mourning. It’s such another layer to not only Salim, but for their friendship and it only expands on that relationship that was started in season one.

What’s Happening in Lakeside?

The mystery in Lakeside continues and it’s tearing the happy people of this cold town apart. It’s apparent that Chad is not necessarily equipped to deal with the seriousness of the crime at hand and you can see how it hurts him. At the same time, I have to wonder why it seems people listen to Hinzelmann more than Chad? And why he allows this? I also have to wonder if Lakeside will be more trouble for Shadow, considering he’s supposed to be running from drama.

What did you think of episode five of American Gods? What do you think happens next?

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