While it seemed like all anyone could focus on was the behind the scenes events in regards to American Gods season two, that didn’t stop the STARZ series from being picked up for a third season and gaining a showrunner in the process. This was only after two episodes and as we are now six episodes in, I can personally say that this season was worth the wait. Fans only have two more episodes to go before the finale, which is sure to be just as bit, if not more; shocking than season one’s last episode.

While we wait for episode seven and eight to come out, you should know that writing for the third season actually begins tomorrow. Recently, Anne Kenney, who is a former Outlander writer; shared that she was joining American Gods and in a tweet, she expressed that the writing will begin tomorrow. This is fantastic news as fans have had to wait two years in between season one and two, primarily due to show losing its original two showrunners and then the new showrunner having dropped out mid-way. Charles “Chic” Eglee from The Walking Dead will serve as season three’s showrunner and we’re all very excited to see what he does for this series, which is based off a novel by Neil Gaiman.

Hopefully, we will see season three in 2020 if everything stays on track. What have you enjoyed from season two so far and what are you hoping to see in season three?

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