Saying that Daredevil is canceled feels like an insult to the masterpiece that it was. Despite Erik Oleson pitching a fourth season, Netflix decided not to move forward with the Man Without Fear series. Furthering the speculation that all of the Marvel Netflix shows will receive the same fate. Iron Fist’s cancellation was understandable, Luke Cage’s was shocking, and Daredevil’s is telling.

Still, Netflix released a statement (not nearly as informative as it should have been) stating that we will see Daredevil again in “future shows”. Considering how at one point Netflix had said the Marvel shows weren’t going anywhere and now they’re being plucked off, I’m highly skeptical.

“While the series on Netflix has ended, the three existing seasons will remain on the service for years to come, while the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel.” – Netflix said to Deadline.

Despite the heartfelt way season three ended, it’s obvious by the tweets of the actors that they were not prepared to not reprise their characters.

Season three of Daredevil was by far the best and a great high to go out on. But, there was still so much more to explore and knowing we’ll never see Bullseye in his comic book classic costume is a bummer. I want to personally thank everyone involved for their commitment to the show and set an example of what real acting is.

Jessica Jones and The Punisher will premiere their next seasons in 2019, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking they won’t share the same fate as their brethren. I only hope both shows have written good endings to wrap everything up. Who knew we would be saying goodbye to a small era where most of us superhero journalists started our obsessions.

Please continue to watch Daredevil season 3 as everyone worked really hard and it still deserves our attention despite this news. I doubt that the characters will be moved to Disney+ considering the gritty tone of the shows and considering they’re Netflix originals it’s unlikely Hulu will pick them up, although Hulu could make them just as gritty.

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