An old article has resurfaced for me and it’s got me thinking. According to a 2015 report by Radio Times, Sherlock’s Andrew Scott was supposed to be the main villain Spectre. The 2015 James Bond film had Scott as one of the villainous foes, but the crown ultimately went to Christoph Waltz. Who, is also always a ringer for a fantastic villain. Still, the fact that Scott was meant to be the main villain in the original script made for a sloppy storyline with his character. Ultimately, Scott’s Max Denbigh was unforgettable.

Scott is not unforgettable. Sherlock fans still regard him as their Moriarty. In recent years, he’s also gained public notoriety as the Hot Priest in Amazon Prime’s Fleabag. He gave a wonderful performance in 2014’s Pride and is the only good thing about the recent season of Netflix’s Black Mirror. I said what I said. To have Scott in a major film is to have one of the best modern-day actors. An actor who really can command the screen. Honestly, I think he could be our next Magneto. He has the presence to do so.

It just bothers me as I think about it. I went in to Spectre already happy Waltz was in the movie. Then, I saw a recognizable face. As a big fan of BBC’s Sherlock, I immediately inwardly exclaimed Moriarty! As happy as I was, there was just not enough meat for Scott to play around with. Ultimately, his character was seemingly pushed aside. Not really necessary. And was given such a lackluster death. There was so much wasted potential. Simply put, you do not have Andrew Scott in your film, as a bad guy; and not give him the room to flex his acting muscles.

Scott will be in the second season of His Dark Materials. And even though he’s been removed from Sherlock for quite some time, he will always be Moriarty to me.

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