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If there was ever a more poorly kept secret it is that WB’s relationship with Zack Snyder was strained during the whole Justice League filming and release. So much in fact that as James Wan was making Aquaman, they wanted Snyder to have no access to the production. Apparently, James Wan had other ideas as reported in a recent interview with Neil Daly who test screened both the Justice League and Aquaman before their release.

According to Daly, WB really didn’t want Snyder to see what they were doing with Aquaman but Wan was trying to steer the King of Atlantis away from the way he was portrayed in Josh Whedon’s version of the Justice League.  In those efforts, he chose to show Snyder early cuts, screenings and storyboards of his film against the wishes of the studio. He wanted to see if his vision was in step with what Snyder had originally envisioned.

From the massive success of Wan’s Aquaman, whether the studios wanted him to involve Snyder or not should be the least of their worries. Instead they should be planning on securing Wan and company for the inevitable sequel. Does it surprise you that James Wan would involve Zack Snyder in his project? At this point, with over a billion made at the box office, does it matter? Share your thoughts about it with us at GVNation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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