Eric Martsolf (Days of Our Lives) and Britt Baron (Glow) are teaming up to voice the hybrid audio/video drama series podcast Ride Share. Created by Digital Sky, they hope this can be a successful new content format. The podcast brings together digital producer Scott Zakarin, podcast host James Gavsie, and media attorney Bert Benton. They’ve developed Ride Share under the Digital Sky banner.

The video podcasts will feature visual elements. Such as a graphic novel animation. Or performances by actors that will help bring everything to life.

Red Share will feature ten episodes. The first episode is already out (it began September 1st) and each episode will release the following week. The series follows Keith, played by Martsolf; who is a dangerous con-man. Keith preys on the public while pretending to be a friendly rideshare driver.

The first visual podcast episode is based on Digital Sky’s Trail Less Taken.

Zakarin released a statement:

“We are creating an interconnected fictional universe that pushes the boundaries of story driven podcasting. Digital Sky brings our social media and app inspired stories to life with stellar performances by gifted actors and state-of-the art sound and visual production. Ride Share and Trail Less Taken are representative of the range of visual experiences we plan to deliver in the Digital Sky universe.”

What do you think about the concept for Ride Share? You can find the first episode down below:

Source: Deadline

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