In the past, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe was concerned, the Marvel Television world tended to walk their own path. The only exception generally was the early days of Marvel’s Agents of Shield where they made a conscious effort to tie in to what the Movie folks were doing. New York, Hydra and Asgardians were melded into the show and made for a great way to learn about some of the background information that wasn’t seen in the films. Beyond that, it was don’t look over there, nothing to see.

However, with the release of Avengers: End Game and the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series of shows, it looks like they will no longer look upon each other as separate entities. In fact, End Game writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely sat down recently with Fandango and discussed the reported connections between the two.

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All I know is that I believe that they take the events of this movie into full consideration. They’re not on a side continuum.

The results of this connection are likely to be felt in a number of the proposed series. For example, with Loki’s “escape”’from the 2012 Avengers, it is likely his new series will involve his activities after his new found freedom. While Wanda was brought back after the Snap! her love the Vision was not so fortunate. However since the show is called “WandaVision” it would make sense that Wanda is on the task of bringing Vision back. As for “What if?” The first story involves Peggy Carter and her transformation into Captain America while Steve works with Howard Stark to become Iron Man. This storyline takes on a whole new poignancy with the events in End Game.

How do you feel about the Disney+ series’s having a direct connection to the MCU films? It certainly worked somewhat well for Agents of Shield in my opinion. But it’s YOUR opinion that matters. Share it with us at GVNation.

Source: ComicBook 

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