Base 5 Games In The Far Cry Franchise

From the launch of the first Far Cry game in 2004, this gaming series has gripped the PC and Console gamers to date. The ability of these games to transport the player to vivid and exotic locales and near-death gameplay experiences is one of the critical success drivers. Apart from the main story missions, the open-world adventures, and the sheer action items the players can engage in add to the likeability factor.

The latest edition – Far Cry 6, released in 2021, with its ripping action sequences and storyline, makes all vintage gamers interested to go through the FC journey. In this article, let’s glance at the top 5 popular Far Cry versions over the years.

Far Cry 3

After FC1 and FC2 set a solid foundation, the third edition elevated the franchise to a whole different dimension. The codification and enhancement of gameplay elements over its predecessors made the experience unforgettable years after release.

The freedom it gave to the players in choosing their mission path in the order they chose was another highlight. The dialogues and cut-scenes looked more cinematic and appealing to the audience with solid characterization. FC3 is never complete without its famous antagonist, Vaas. Despite being a downright and gruesome psychopath, gamers still fall for his charm and sophistication. His interactions with the protagonist, Jason Brody, set the bar to an all-time high in this gaming franchise.

Far Cry 4

The fourth edition faced its share of controversies over Racism and Geopolitics and had to shift the leading location country’s name from Nepal to a fictitious Kyrat. The developers took the safe route by sticking to the usual tried and tested formula in FC4. Despite the conservative approach, it still turned out to be one of the best games in the franchise.

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The breathtaking visuals designed in the backdrop of the Himalayas not only keep you mesmerized, but the sheer action invites the thrill element. From taking over enemy strongholds to enjoying the majestic ride on top of an elephant, this game provides a complete subcontinental experience.

Far Cry Primal

Post the release of FC4, a considerable section of the users started feeling that the franchise had become stale. The players so far enjoyed the usual formula of Far Cry games and wanted to try out something new. Another gaming segment where players can apply similar gaming styles is in free slot games. These sites provide thousands of free slots for players to enjoy games with zero fees. If they want to play for real money, later on, they can do so on online casino sites recommended by industry experts.

The FC developers then shifted the gamer’s focus to Primal’s prehistoric setup in the Mesolithic age, with linguistic realism and availability of apt weapons of the time, including clubs and spears.

The bow and arrows and interaction with extinct animals were a drastic shift in the gameplay experience from the usual guns and automobiles.

Far Cry

It was the first game in the franchise that set the ball rolling for FC fans. The game felt like a graphical powerhouse at the time with a vibe similar to the Crysis series. The thrilling action sequences set in the dense forest environment looked fresh and irresistible for games when FC 1 hit the markets. The genre was First Person Shooter, and the motion dynamics were impeccable at the time.

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The highlight of this game was the customized approaches players could take to complete each mission – based on their modus operandi. Aggressive players could go all guns blazing, or stealth lovers can leverage the environment for performing sneaky kills. In 2004, this game was indeed a revolution for gamers.

Far Cry 5

Defeating the Seed brothers in the Western part of the US is the core theme of this edition of FC. Exotic locations, delightful BGM, and well-written characters make the overall gameplay worth the hours. Like other editions, it too lags behind a bit compared to FC 3. However, it deserves all the credits as a standalone FC game. The highly unexpected calamity in the climax took the gaming community by storm. The ending led to the creation of FC5 spin-off FC new dawn.

FC was indeed the most comprehensive game with respect to the vast open-world map and playable content.

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