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That the next project from Rocksteady will be Batman: Arkham Crisis.

Supposedly, the team is aiming for a Game of the Year contender and will launch it around Halloween 2019. The story mode is rumored to have a much more complex story with 12 acts, each being around an hour long. According to the play-tester, you will have access to the Batwing instead of the Batmobile and can use it to engage in combat as well as for transportation.

Batman Arkham Crisis is reported to have a separate co-op mode with side missions to play through. Speaking of which, the depth of the side quests in the campaign mode have been reported to be improved and expanded upon, lasting longer than ones found in previous games.

There are numerous other details, like the inclusion of a day/night cycle and a map that is supposedly larger than that of GTAV’s.

Please remember that this is only a rumor none of these things are official, but if it is true there is a lot to be excited for and if you played the Arkham series you know that it will be worth the hype.

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