DC and Fortnite are getting together once again to collaborate on a brand new crossover event called ‘Batman/Fornite: Zero Point’. The game ties in with a new comic book and will see the debut of Harley Quinn and Catwoman as playable characters. With the DC characters returning to the game, new costumes for Batman, Catwoman and Harley Quinn are expected.

Harley Quinn’s DC Rebirth costume is the first of several new items and skins being added to Fortnite. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

The Zero Point comics will be six issues and is from Christos Gage and EPIC’s Donald Mustard.

Zero Point brings the Dark Knight and other DC icons like Catwoman and Harley Quinn crashing into the Fortnite universe, with Batman struggling to remember who he is and where he came from and solve the mystery of the Zero Point. The series will be in-canon with the Fortnite universe and add new layers to the game’s mythology.

From DC:

“As [Batman] fights to recall his past and escape an endless loop of chaos and struggle, he’ll come face-to-face with the likes of Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier, and more. While the world’s greatest detective strives to make sense of this strange new world, he’ll uncover the shocking truth about the Island, what lies beyond the Loop, and how everything is connected to the mysterious Zero Point.”

The print issues of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will include a DLC code for Batman themed skins or items that can be used in Fortnite. Digital releases of the comic will be available as well. Fans can get the DC Rebirth skin for Harley Quinn first and collecting all six codes will allow you to get the “Armored Batman Zero” skin.

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Batman/Fortnite runs for $4.99 or you can get the cardstock variant cover for $5.99 when the series debuts on April 20 and runs until July 6.

Source: IGN 

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