The DCEU has certainly had its interesting twists and turns since it started with Man of Steel. We have fans with all different opinions, those wanting the “Snyder Cut” released, and those happy to see the studio going in a different direction with movies such as Shazam!, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman 1984. No matter what your side in the epic tension that is DCEU fandom, Zack Snyder had a much different vision intended for the storyline, including killing off one of DC fans’ favorite superheroes and no, it wasn’t Superman.

As we can see from Twitter user Ramesh De Silva, who posted a photo of Superman carrying a lifeless Batman in his arms; the Batman v Superman director himself replied back “of course”. It seems that in Snyder’s original vision, the caped crusader was intended to be killed off. While Superman’s death was shocking and saddening, albeit didn’t last long; it probably would have been even more horrific to see the stoic Bruce Wayne put down; the man who essentially brought everyone together and keeps the Justice League together.

Eneba Many GEOs

What are your thoughts? Would you have liked to see this vision fulfilled or are you happy that this didn’t make the final cut? Let us know!

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