Blackjack is among the most popular casino games of all time. It is one of those games that every casino game lover should try at some point in time. But with its vast rules, etiquette, and variations, some beginners may find it intimidating.

As a beginner, who wants to try out blackjack, you’ve probably heard things like “the house has the upper hand in the game” or “blackjack is not a good game to play” or that a table with inexperienced players hurts your chances.” The truth is that blackjack has some of the most favorable odds for all gamblers. But despite the better odds, it doesn’t mean that you have the edge over the house – usually, it isn’t 50-50 either. What we are trying to say that you need to educate yourself about the game, not to make a judgment based on what you hear.

This article will highlight some of the most important things to know about the game, along with some tips to help you win.

Find the right online casino for you

The internet has made it easy to access all kinds of casino games from the comfort of your home. However, the availability of vast online casino options comes with the challenge of picking the right one for you.  After all, these casinos aren’t created equally – some will provide more bonuses, while others will offer different odds on blackjacks. Some have a countdown timer, while others have no restrictions whatsoever so that you can play your hand at your convenience. Take time to analyze all these qualities to see what works for you and what doesn’t; then, you can choose. It is also a good idea to read through reviews and testimonials to see what other people say about the casino.


Practice makes perfect, which couldn’t be truer than when trying to win at an online blackjack game. You may have a hard time while starting, but it gets easier with practice. The good thing about reputable online sites is that they allow you to practice without using any cash. Take advantage of that time to practice so that you get to a live table, and use real money to be better prepared.

Find out the number of card decks the casino uses

As we mentioned earlier, casinos are not created equally. So, it pays to learn about the decks of cards different casinos use – so that you can keep tabs on everything. Reputable sites use a Random Number Generator to mix the cards after every hand. This makes it impossible to follow the cards being dealt. And although you cannot count cards online, you can increase your odds by remembering the cards that have already been played.

Know your insurance strategy

When playing blackjack, the house will give you blackjack insurance when the dealer shows “Ace.” This way, the bet will offset your losses should the dealer make a blackjack. This idea might be enticing but not in the long shot. So, you should always have an insurance plan in mind – that is, whether you will accept or turn down the insurance when it’s offered to you. The latter is often in your best interest because the chances of the dealer making a blackjack do not justify the amount you’ll pay and the ROI from the insurance.

Don’t split tens

Splitting into tens is a wrong move in blackjack. It comes with high odds of losing, at around 92%. Blackjack 10s is one of the most hoped-for pair. But once you get it, you should run through every situation – dealer phase of the game, cards, deck, and so on. The best approach is always to get more money on the table when the dealer is at their weakest, and you are in a position to add more chips. You can do this by splitting when you have a pair.

Bet what you can afford

No matter how good the game looks, you should never bet beyond your bankroll. If you have $150 set aside for gambling, don’t bet $30 a hand on blackjack. You may end up losing your money and fast. But if you bet $1.5 a hand, you will handle bad rounds without risking all your money.

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