Best Online Platforms for Web Design

There has never been a better time to get into web design. There are plenty of resources on the internet to help with every step of the web development process. The internet is full of tools to help you create mock-ups and wireframes, to test your designs, and deploy fully-fledged websites. What are some of these online tools? We take a look at some of the best resources and platforms for all your website needs.


Wix is made with complete beginners in mind. With more and more people needing websites, the ability to create one with no coding experience is a godsend. Wix is an online platform that does just that, providing a wide range of powerful features that help create beautiful, responsive websites. This website builder has a huge of collection of templates to choose from. Did I mention that is very user friendly?
It has a free basic plan, but you can also connect your domain for a fee or opt for all the perks of the unlimited plan that removes all Wix branding. Check out Wix here.


You must have heard of WordPress. It is one of the most popular web builders and powers over a third of all the websites on the internet, making it a perfect solution for your WordPress blog. WordPress is great for users who need a little more customization in their web designs. It can be used either online or offline, offering you flexibility in your preferred workflow. It has many available features, templates, and millions of plugins that extend the functionality of any website built on the platform. WordPress offers CMS (Content Management System) capabilities. If you are a bit techy, you will find great use for the backend administration and management. It is great for e-commerce, and what’s better, it has a free plan as well.


Squarespace is excellent for blogging. It has dedicated blogging features with numerous templates and design to fit the preference of any web designer – professional or amateur. There is great customer support and support for mobile apps and responsive design in general.
Squarespace offers users a free trial and a free custom domain name for the initial year of a yearly plan. The customization is pretty straightforward once you choose a template. You can even make a free logo with their online logo maker tool to give your website design the proper branding. Additionally, there are social media and email-based marketing tools you can use to make your site known to your target audience.


Weebly is more akin to WordPress than to the other website builders. It is another CMS that does not require any technical knowledge to use. It’s drag and drop functionality makes it easy to use, even when creating online stores to sell your wares. While Weebly does not have as many themes as some website builders on this list, the ones that are available are great and professionally-designed.
Tools available on Weebly include SEO and analytics, as well as an integration to social media platforms that helps greatly when setting up digital advertising. Weebly has a free plan, with other pricing tiers ranging from personal to professional depending on your individual needs.


Have your heard of Webflow? It is a no-code website builder that is curated for the freelance web designer. It is equal parts CMS and a visual website editor that helps achieve any goals that you, or a client, may have for a website. With great support, a free starter plan, and plenty of customization options, Webflow offers a great option for the experienced web designer looking to create professional websites.