A brilliant way to keep fit, make friends and learn a new skill, sports have beguiled humanity for millennia. You may already have your favorite to play and to watch. But there are always new sports that you might find you have a natural talent for – or you just love playing after giving it a go. Here’s a list of four sports that are easy to pick up, easy to practice, and absolutely fantastic to play for the first time.


All you need to get to grips with basketball is a basket and a ball. This is a game that’s enjoyable no matter if you’re swishing into the net on your own, you’re playing one-on-one against a neighbor, or you’re heading to a local court to join a team and take on local opponents. Visit jumpchamp.com where you can find quality basketball products at a bargain price, setting you up for this new and thrilling sport. One for lazy Sundays as well as energetic weeknights beneath floodlights, basketball is a sport everyone should try once – if only for that satisfaction when you net a perfect three-pointer.


This sport is a little less accessible, requiring you to live relatively close to a large body of water. But if you’re someone who likes driving and is fascinated by transport, sailing is an absorbing and endlessly enjoyable sport. Learn how to drive a vessel with the wind alone, using ropes, sails, and a rudder to propel you forward. And, once you’ve got the hang of it, start entering races where hundreds of dinghies start at the same time and round buoys to complete a circuit on the water. You can rent a boat for only a few dollars to give sailing a go.

Track Cycling

Millions of people in the US enjoy cycling. You might be a keen mountain biker already, taking a bike heavy with suspension and features onto local dirt tracks and down steep and narrow paths. Or you could enjoy road cycling, covering large distances on a bike optimized for the asphalt. But there’s a third exciting sport that few people try: track cycling. Getting into the velodrome is often cited as a life-changing moment for those who get into track cycling, giving them a new meaning and a new love for life on two wheels. This is certainly one to try if you’re already a cycling fan.


Finally, another niche sport that’s nonetheless satisfying and well-followed. Archery does require an initial investment of around a thousand dollars if you decide not to rent your own equipment. But it can be practiced anywhere: in your garden, in a local woodland area, or at a designated archery range. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s completely safe. But it’s a brilliant sport, putting you in touch with archers centuries ago for whom this was both a sport and a vital mode of combat.

There you have it: four sports that you absolutely must try if you haven’t already – full of fun and excitement every time you play them.

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