Have you heard of Points Spread before? If you are an avid sports gambler, then your response would be a firm yes. Points Spread is one of the most popular wagers you can bet, especially in football. The oddsmakers assign a specific value to compare the probability of winning between the favorites and the underdogs competing inside the field.

In case you missed it, the 2020 NFL campaign is almost wrapping up the preliminary rounds and is heading to a more intense part of the league, the Divisional Rounds. With this, punters will have a greater chance of betting the Points Spread, where the best teams of each division will vie for a spot in the semis.

While the competition in today’s NFL season gets tougher, your chance of earning big when betting on this sports tournament increases. For many punters, a popular strategy is spread betting. You only have to look at the bookie’s lines and values and interpret this by looking into how each opposing team performed in their past matches. To guide you in forming successful Point Spread wagers, here are some tips to follow.

Look For The Best Value

Looking for the best value is indeed invaluable betting advice that every punter should prioritize. It contributes to the overall results of your betting performance and will help you in the long run. It’s an easy task to do as there are hundreds of sportsbooks that you can find and sign-up for online.

Getting the best value in football Points Spread betting is simply looking out for different lines in each bookie. Do know that every sportsbook does its best in attracting every punter to utilize their site. Each of them offers enticing and practical lines in the Points Spread. Make sure to wager a Points Spread that has the highest value to increase your earnings.

Beware Of Exposed Teams

It goes with the idea of limiting yourself from betting the teams that got the most hype. There is nothing wrong to back the favorite groups, but you need to realize that your betting decision should not be based on people’s opinions.  Although they have the best statistics and talents, the game’s result does not come until the last minute.

That said, it’s still important to perform your research regarding each team and player. When you go with the hype, bookmakers will think that more punters are coming after them. In this case, they would likely increase the Spread of a less favored team. If they win and you bet for the most exposed teams, then you lost your betting game.

Choose Games Wisely

The 2020 NFL campaign is about to highlight the most anticipated games of the season. The Divisional Rounds are coming in the next few months, followed by the quarterfinals, semis, and the final rounds. All matches lined-up for this round will generate Points Spread betting, especially transfer betting, so make sure to identify which game you’d like to wager.

While every match happening in this NFL stage is significant, not all of them are your best friend, especially in Points Spread betting. There are some tough games that make it difficult to find a deserving bet. Hence, look for a specific match where the Spread is at its best value, where you feel that the team you picked has a greater chance of being successful.

Understand Factors That Affects Spread Betting Results

Bookmakers do not make the Spread via sheer luck. They have been into the betting business for years, and they make lines that are hard to beat. If you are a sports bettor who gambles out of recreation, you are throwing money in the trash. Point Spread betting seems easy to look at, and sometimes bettors use their instinct and gut feel, which does not help.

To put up a good fight against the bookie and generate more wins, you must know all the factors that might affect the spread betting results. Compare why the favorite got the said value compared to the dogs. Once you can interpret this, you’ll beat the bookie and earn the prize of the day.

Know Each Team’s Schedule

Another important tip to consider before betting the  NFL Points Spread is knowing each team’s schedule. The NFL Divisional Rounds are composed of eight competing teams who topped each division per conference. Not only that, but they are also joined by the top two teams who are chosen via Wildcard.

With this, you have to understand their full schedule. Know who the teams are competing with. If you have a favorite group to back-on, understand who their rivals are and compare each Spread before deciding to continue betting for them or going the other way around.


The simplicity of the Points Spread betting is one reason why many punters are attracted to this kind of football wager. In the upcoming NFL Divisional Rounds, where games are tougher, and Spreads are harder to comprehend, make sure to get guided with the tips above to beat the bookies big time.

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